Missouri General Assembly's special session finally ends
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Missouri General Assembly's special session finally ends

Date: October 27, 2011
By: Stephanie Ebbs
State Capitol Bureau
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JEFFERSON CITY - The special session of Missouri's General Assembly officially ended Thursday without agreement on most of the items requested by Gov. Jay Nixon.

The House adjourned Thursday without plans to meet again before the automatic adjournment on Nov. 5.  The Senate adjourned for the last time earlier in the week.

The major issue proposed by the governor that failed was a $360 million package of tax breaks for development of an air cargo transport hub with China in St. Louis.

It is only the third time in at least one-half century that lawmakers failed to pass the major issue for which a Missouri governor called a special session.

The failed "China hub" bill contained several other items requested by the governor including cuts in tax credits for developers, businesses, special interests and various activities.  The House and Senate gridlocked on House refusal to accept the tax credit restrictions.

Senate leaders refused to proceed on a few of the governor's proposals without lawmakers being able to reach agreement on tax credits and the China hub.

It was the 52nd day of the legislative session when the House called it quits.  Gov. Jay Nixon said in August that he hoped the session would last two weeks.

According to legislative staff, the session cost about $280,000 in mileage reimbursement for members, daily expense costs and extra staff.

Only two of the numerous issues proposed by the governor cleared the special session.

The issues proposed by Nixon and their fate are:

Factors cited by legislators for defeat of the China hub bill included:

The regular session of the General Assembly begins on Jan. 4 and could include issues that died during the special session. Pre-filing for bills begins on Dec. 1.



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