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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of Jan. 31, 2000


Missouri's House approves lowering vote required for school bond issues (02/03/00) JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's House approved a proposed consitutional amendment that would lower the vote required to pass school bond issues to a simply majority if the isssue is placed on a general election ballot.

If approved by the legislature, the proposal would require statewide voter approval to become part of the constitution.

  • Get the House roll-call vote
    . Missouri man registers WWW.KILLBILLCLINTON.COM (02/03/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A St. Charles man has registered Internet domain names that reference killing the president and presidential candidates. He claims an altruistic motive.

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    . Property Taxes May be Replaced as Way to Fund Schools (02/03/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - State senator Harold Caskey is concerned that Missouri's elementary and secondary education system is in jeopardy.

    Rulings in other states against using property taxes for education threaten how Missouri now funds schools.

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    . Date rape drug GHB ban proposal (02/03/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Authorities in St. Louis have made the first arrest in Missouri involving the date rape drug GHB, but GHB is not illegal in the state.

    Kansas City Representative Bill Boucher and Springfield Representative Craig Hosmer both say they want to change that with their bills making it illegal to use, possess and manufacture GHB.

    Boucher's bill deals specifically with GHB and offers special rules for date rape scenarios while Hosmer's bill adds GHB onto the schedule of illegal drugs.

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  • Get Hosmer's bill
    . St. Louis's Growth won't be addressed by a state sponsored commission (02/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - After a lot of opposition, even the sponsor of the bill doesn't have much hope for the passage of his plan.

    His proposal was for a commission that would study and report on the growth of St. Louis, and come up with solutions to the problems it's causing.

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  • Check out HB 1338 and the bill's sponsor, Rep. Ron Auer.
    . Mothers give emotional testimony for bill. (02/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Representative Vicky Hartzler proposed a bill that would create tougher punishments for careless drivers.

    Mothers of car accident victims gave testimony for the bill that would suspend or revoke the drivers' licenses of reckless drivers.

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  • Check out HB 1322.
    . Republicans voice opposition to Highway plan in committee meeting (02/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Republicans say that the Democrats' solution to Missouri's highway's problems is only a bandaid on a problem that needs a cure.

    Representative Jewell Patek says the Republicans' plan would be a better long-term solution.

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  • Check out HB 1742 and the bill's sponsor, Steve Gaw.
    . Legislation calls for change in gas ingredients. (02/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A bill sponsored by Rep. Peter Myers would require gas sold in St. Louis to use the corn product ethanol instead of the chemical MTBE.

    Myers says the bill would help the environment, farmers, the economy and consumers.

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  • Check out HB 1801.
    . Two Female Lawmakers Vote Against .08 (02/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A Senate committee passed anti-drunk driving legislation Wednesday despite opposition from two female lawmakers.

    The bill, which makes drivers with .08 blood alcohol levels guilty of a misdemeanor crime, was opposed by Sen. Betty Sims, R-St. Louis County, and Mary Bland, D-Kansas City.

    Sims says she voted against the bill because it also outlaws open containers. But Sen. Harold Caskey, D-Butler, who sponsored the bill, says banning open containers would help the state get more federal highway funds.

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  • Check out SB 934.
    . House Bill would allow employees to sue employers. (02/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Business leaders came out to oppose the bill that would allow employees to sue employers for wrongful discharge.

    Speaking against the bill was Kelly Gillespie of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Check out HB 1369 and the bill's sponsor, Rep. Joan Bray.
    . New House bill would make talking on a cell phone while driving illegal (02/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Lieutenant Governor candiate Gracia Baker made her two cell phones ring in the middle of the House hearing in protest of the bill.

    The phones interrupted Kansas City Representative Marsha Campbell as she presented the bill before a skeptical House Motor Vehicle Committee.

    Lobbyists for Sprint PCS and the Missouri Associatin of Realtors opposed the bill.

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  • Check out HB 1184 and the bill's sponsor, Rep. Marsha Campbell.
    . Legislation would prohibit alcohol use in the Statehouse. (02/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Today, legislators can drink alcoholic beverages while in the Statehouse.

    If a bill from Republican Bill Foster passes, alcohol will no longer be allowed.

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  • Check out HB 1632.
    . Bill would allow leave for new parents. (02/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A bill sponsored by St. Louis Senator William Clay Jr. would allow new parents to take 12 weeks paid leave from their job.

    The bill is supported by the AFL-CIO, but has received opposition from business groups who say the cost of the bill is too high... they've estimated it at almost $350 million.

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  • Check out SB 751 and the bill's sponsor, Sen. Bill Clay.
    . Gay rights are championed to lawmakers by a fired lesbian security officer. (02/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A former bank security officer who says she was fired after her boss learned she was gay urged Missouri lawmakers to give job protections to gays.

    Heather Dye testified before the Senate Famlies Committee on legislation that would expand the state's civil rights law to sexual orientation.

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  • Check out SB 622 and the bill's sponsor, Sen. Bill Clay.
    . House Bill Could Change Organ Donor Age and Right to Decide (01/31/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - A House subcommittee is reviewing a bill that could lower the legal age for organ donors to age sixteen.

    Also, the bill would allow signed organ donor cards to be sufficient documentation to legally preform transplants.

  • Get the radio story.
  • Check out HB 1178 and the bill's sponsor, Rep. Chuck Graham.
    . Ticket scalping could become legal in Missouri (01/31/2000)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Just days before the Rams' Super Bowl victory, a couple of Missouri legislators sponsored bills to make it easier to make a profit off sporting tickets.

    The proposals would legalize ticket "scalping" - or reselling tickets at a price higher than the original purchase price.

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  • Check out HB 1725 and the bill's sponsor Rep. Jon Dolan.
  • Check out SB 913 and the bill's sponsor, Sen. Steve Ehlmann.
  • Also see Rep. John Loudon's bill (HB 1479) that would outlaw scalping not just at sporting events but at concerts, too.
    . House Committee Passes Adoption Bill (01/31/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The House Children and Families Committee has approved a bill that would give adoptees over the age of 18 easier access to their original birth certificates.

    Rep. Glenda Kelly, D-St. Joseph, sponsored the bill. She says it is an issue of civil rights, since every citizen except people who were adopted has free access to their birth certificates.

    But Rep. Luann Ridgeway, R-Smithville, opposes the bill. She was one of only three committee members to vote against it. She says she is worried that free access to original birth records would violate the privacy of the biological parents.

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  • Check out HB 1216.