$2 million for St. Charles roads
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$2 million for St. Charles roads

Date: May 5, 2009
By: Christine Slusser
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 22

Intro: Huge chunks of the $365 million stimulus bill were cut Tuesday, but one Senator managed to get his $2 million amendment for St. Charles added.

Christine Slusser has more from the state Capitol.

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St. Charles roads could now have $2 million more dollars to work with.

That came from an amendment passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

Republican Senator Tom Dempsey proposed the measure to aid in the road widening project and one other.

Actuality:  DEMB.WAV
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Description: "DEMPSEY: It is to facilitate helping keep the hospital in the city essentially.

NODLER: Any objection including this item? Add it. Moving on."

Not all the Senators were so lucky.

Transportation proposals for Kansas City and Springfield didn't make their way out of committee. 

From Jefferson City, I'm Christine Slusser.

Intro: Senate Approproations passed the $365 million stimulus bill and left the funds for the St. Louis metro untouched, but did not add anything for the Kansas City mass transit.

Christine Slusser has more from Jefferson City.

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The phone rang all day for Senator Yvonne Wilson.

She's a Democrat from Kansas City who proposed an $8 million amendment to the stimulus bill.

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Description: "This has become a very, very sticky item. I have had more than 100 e-mails and they're not standard e-mails, they're stand alone requests for funding for KCATA."

Wilson's proposal was shot down in the Senate Appropriations meeting Tuesday.

The Appropriations Chair said her request lead to one from Springfield, which snowballed into requests from many others.

He said they just couldn't pass them all.

From the state Capitol, I'm Christine Slusser.

Intro: Senate Appropriations passed the $365 million stimulus bill just one day after the House approved it, leaving the St. Louis metro's funds are left unscathed.

Christine Slusser has more form the state Capitol.

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The St. Louis metro still gain $12 million in the $365 million stimulus bill.

Senator Yvonne Wilson a Democrat from Kansas City proposed an $8 million dollar amendment for the Kansas City Mass Transit.

The Appropriation Chair Gary Nodler spoke against her request because it would produce a domino affect.

Actuality:  NODLER1.WAV
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Description: "That request lead to another request from Springfield and then that began to lead to other requests and based on the ever-expanding size of Santa Claus' bag, I will be recommending a defeat."

The final outcome?

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Description: "All opposed, no. The amendment is defeated."

From Jefferson City, I'm Christine Slusser.

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