Senate passes appropriations bill
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Senate passes appropriations bill

Date: May 5, 2009
By: Rebecca Beitsch
State Capitol Bureau
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Intro: The Senate passed a bill renewing the funds for everything funded over the past year. Rebecca Beitsch has more from the state Capital. RunTime:0:33
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A bill to renew funding for state programs funded in previous years brought questions from one senator as to the purpose of the bill. Bill sponsor Gary Nodler explained the bill this way:


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Description: "It's a reappropriation of all the projects that would expire on July 1st if we didn't pass the reappropriations bill. That's what it is. Nothing more, nothing less."

Nodler said the bill is not giving out new money, but simply doling out money to continue state programs.

The bill passed 31-2.

From the state Capitol, I'm Rebecca Beitsch, Newsradio 1120 KMOX. 

Intro: The Missouri Senate passed the first of it's budget bills that include money to be given to a cancer center. Rebecca Beitsch has more from the state Capitol.

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The Senate passed another appropriations bill, but one senator questioned why this bill, along with two others, was giving money to the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center in Columbia.

Cape Girardeau Senator Jason Crowell said he was concerned the center would get three times the money.


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Description: "Ellis Fischel center is in all three. So do we do like the federal government where we pay for things three times or whichever one gets across?"

Bill sponsor Senator Gary Nodler said this bill just gives the center the same amount of money given to it in previous years whereas the other bills expand the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center funding.

The bill passed 31-2.

From Jefferson City, I'm Rebecca Beitsch Newsradio 1120 KMOX.

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