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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for the Week of February 13, 2006

. Get out your photo ID, if you want to vote (02/15/06)

JEFFERSON CITY - A Republican-sponsored bill would force people to get out their photo ID before they get to the ballot box.

This would create problems for those who don't drive and therefore may not have a photo ID.

. Senate meets to further discuss project labor agreement bill (02/15/06)

JEFFERSON CITY - The senate met to discuss and view the revised project labor agreement bill.

The main aspect of the bill is the issue of union organizations being the only option for state and local construction projects.

. MOHELA may have been pressured to accept deal (02/14/06)

JEFFERSON CITY - Many are still in favor of the deal, but some say MOHELA's hand was forced.

Members of the attorney general's office testified to that affect.

. Attorney General, legislators rally at Capitol to save Medicaid. (02/14/06)

JEFFERSON CITY - Tuesday afternoon a crowd of about two hundred people gathered in the rotunda at the state capitol building to protest further Medicaid cuts.

Attorney General Jay Nixon addressed the crowd, saying the Governor had not kept his promises on health care.

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  • . Incentives to whistleblowers cited to curb Medicaid fraud (02/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Special Committee to Investigate Medicaid Fraud heard testimony from Medicaid experts, seeking ways to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse within the state's system. One possible solution was a proposal to give financial incentives to whistleblowers. Currently, Missouri gives does not give compensation to those who implicate Medicaid fraud.

    The committee will discuss further reforms to the Medicaid fraud reporting system in the coming weeks.

    . Democrats rally against Mediacid cuts (02/14/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon and several Democratic lawmakers rallied with several hundred citizens Tuesday.

    Their goal was to reverse the cuts made by Gov. Matt Blunt to Missouri's Medicaid system last year.

    . Another lawmaker proposes eminent domain restrictions (02/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Representative Jim Lembke says he wants to tighten up the definition of blight.

    He also says the Governor's Task Force didn't go far enough in its recommendations.

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    . Portwood proposes revision on Ticket to Work program (02/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Republican Representative Charles Portwood proposed Missouri's Ticket to Work program on Monday.

    His revisions allow disabled workers to save more money that they've earned and still keep their health insurance.

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    . Tougher regulations on Missouri dams (02/13/06)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Blunt told DNR to perform a comprehensive study of Missouri's dam safety laws and regulations following the breach of the Taum Sauk reservoir.

    DNR's recommendations included eliminating current exemptions for agricultural uses, which would increase the number of dams inspected every year.

    Representative J.C. Kuessner's district includes the Taum Sauk reservoir, and he questions how the state will pay for more engineers to perform inspections.

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