Candidates for State Treasurer
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Candidates for State Treasurer

By: Emily Coleman and Rebecca Beitsch
State Capitol Bureau

Brad Lager

Sen Brad Lager

Clint Zweifel

Clint Zweifel

Rod Farthing

Rod Farthing

Profiles: Get It Get It Get It
Leg. Record: Get It Get It  
Web Site:
Age 33 34 59
Family Wife: Stephanie Lager
Children: daughter Addison

Wife: Janice
Children: 2 children, both girls

Wife: Jan
Children: Six children, aged 34 to 12
One granddaughter

Education B.S. in Computer Management Systems from Northwest Missouri State University '97

B.A. in Political Science from University of Missouri - St. Louis in 1996

M.B.A. from University of Missouri - St. Louis in 2001

BA in Bible and Ministry from St. Louis Christian College in Florissant, Mo.
Job History 1997 - 2001: owned several small businesses including Northwest Missouri Cellular where he served as general manager and where he still works off-session. He also owns a car wash and a land development company.

2001: Maryville City Council

2002: State Representative

2006: State Senator

1997 - Present: Research and Education Director for Teamsters Local 688

2002 - 2008: Representative for District 78 in the Missouri State House of Representatives.

2001 - Present: Development Director with American Rehabilitation Ministries

1998-2005: Treasurer of the Alexander Christian Foundation, a Christian scholarship foundation

1995 - Present: Secretary and chairman of the Dent County Salvation Army board

1994 - Present: Senior chaplain with Phelps County Regional Medical Center Hospice

1992: Chairman of "Don't Risk Our Youth," a political movement to prohibit the sale of alcohol in Madisonville, Ky.

1973 - Present: Chairman for Right to Life organizations in each of the states in which he has lived (Texas 1973-1981; Arkansas 1981-1986; Illinois 1986-1989; Kentucky 1989-1993; Missouri 1993 - Present)

1968 - 2001: Minster in the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ

Key Issues

Keeping money in Missouri's banks: Lager wants to keep taxpayers money in the state by investing in Missouri's banks. Lager said he believes this is a good investment for Missouri taxpayers, but will also allow banks to loan out this money and spur local economic development.

Advocating for college savings plans: Lager said he wants to improve the existing 529 college savings plan by increasing the amount of funding through public private partnerships. He wants to increase funding for need based scholarships to four times the current rate, leaving students to decide how to spend their money.

Fiscal Literacy: Lager said it is the responsibility of the State Treasurer to make sure Missourian's have access to information that would help them make better financial decisions.

Serve as a fiscal watchdog: Lager said he will find the most effective, efficient ways to spend taxpayer money while working to reduce waste and fraud from government spending.

Fiscal Responsibility: Zweifel said he would preserve Missouri's AAA Bond rating and keep contracting transparent.

Missouri Investors: Zweifel proposes tougher provisions against dishonest brokers and financial advisers.  He advocates special penalties on those who target senior citizens. 

Homeownership: Zweifel said he plans to "renew the promise of homeownership" partially through the Missouri Mortgage Assistance Program which would require mortgage brokers to register with the Missouri Mortgage Board and would reduce property taxes for middle class seniors.

Higher Education: Zweifel's college tuition plan is called the Missouri Promise.  Based on a bill he sponsored in the legislature, this program would build on the A+ program, covering two years of tuition at a four-year institution for approximately 3,000 students.

Honesty and integrity: Farthing said he will bring integrity, professionalism and efficiency to all the tasks the Missouri treasurer must undertake.

Commitment to the U.S. Constitution and Constitution of the State of Missouri

Limited government

Fiscal responsibility: "Perhaps the office would best be served by an honest "regular" citizen who is able to manage finances well enough to be totally out of debt; who has money in savings after raising six children, with a wife who is a full-time homemaker; who has accomplished this on a preacher's modest salary; and who successfully balances all of his bank accounts each month," Farthing stated in an email.

Religious values: Farthing said his religious values of integrity and service will be reflected in his work and principles.

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