Campaign Contribution breakdown
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Campaign Contribution breakdown

Date: October 17, 2008
By: Sarah D. Wire
State Capitol Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY-- Democrat candidate for governor Attorney General Jay Nixon out raised Republican candidate for governor Rep. Kenny Hulshof by $1.52 million during the month of September.

For the period between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30 Nixon raised $3.8 million. During the same time period, Hulshof raised $2.27 million.

One of Nixon's highest contributors was the Democratic Governor's Association who donated $1.6 million. The Republican Governor's Association gave Hulshof $1 million.

Nixon currently has a significant cash advantage over Hulshof.

After spending $1.9 million during the quarter Hulshof has almost $1.2 million in cash on hand. The time period included some of Hulshof's primary campaign against State Treasurer Sarah Steelman.

Nixon's campaign has almost $3.2 million cash on hand after spending $2.9 million in September.

Cash on hand refers to the amount of money the campaign actually has in its possession.

The finance reports for September were the first to include a time period with out the contribution limits. The limits were lifted Aug. 28.

Both candidates saw an influx of donations in September raising a combined $6.1 million.

Contributions over $5000 must be reported to the Missouri Ethics Commission within 48 hours.

Nixonâ019s total fundraising for the election is $12.15 million. This excludes the $1.31 million he returned earlier in the year when limits on contributions were temporarily put back in place.

The $2.27 million raised in September by Hulshof is more than half of his total fundraising amount to date, $4.1 million.

Soon after the report was filed, the Hulshof campaign reported an additional $90,000 in donations. Because this amount was not included on the original report, it was not included in calculations for the month.

Thursday's reports were the second to last filing day for candidates before the election Nov. 4. The last deadline to file reports before Election Day is Oct. 27.

In other races:
Lt. Governorâ019s race
-Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder-Republican
        The incumbent Lieutenant governor, Kinder, also showed an influx of contributions after campaign contribution limits were lifted. In September he raised, $678,849 bringing his total amount raised to $2.94 million.
-Rep. Sam Page-Democrat
        The challenger, Page, reported $428,469 in contributions for September bringing his total amount to $1.95 million.

Attorney Generalâ019s race
-Sen. Michael Gibbons -Republican
        Gibbonsâ019 report showed $432,430 in donations, bringing his total amount for the election to $1.88 million.
-Sen. Chris Koster â013Democrat
        Koster showed a larger influx of funds bringing in $1.16 million. His total fundraising is $3.49 million.

Secretary of State
-Mitch Hubbard-Republican
        The challenger, Hubbard reported raising $11,941. This brings his total to $16,241.
-Secretary of State Robin Carnahan- Democrat
        Incumbent Secretary of State Carnahan reported raising $277,256. This brings her total to $1.72 million.

State Treasurerâ019s race
Sen. Brad Lager- Republican
        Lager brought in $270,939 in contributions to bring his total to $908,985.
Rep. Clint Zweifel- Democrat
        Zweifelâ019s report showed $298,131 in contributions to bring his total contributions to $842,683.