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February 08, 2000
State Capital Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - Darryl Bozwell is 37 years old and lives with his parents and dog. He spends most of his time tinkering with the Internet.

Since October 1999, the St. Charles resident claims to have spent $400,000 total to register "many" Internet domain names. With a going rate of $70 per address, that means Bozwell owns more than 5,700 web addresses.

Among the thousands of Internet addresses the St. Charles native has registered are:,,, and

Ironically, Bozwell is a self-described Republican and said he supports Bush.

When asked Thursday to comment on the legality of these names, the Secret Service expressed an interest in learning more about Bozwell.

Under federal law, it is illegal to threaten to harm the president or a presidential candidate.

On January 22, in a move he said was designed to move potentially threatening web addresses out of circulation, Bozwell registered the "kill" series of domain names. Before doing so, however, Bozwell said he sent the Secret Service an e-mail.

The agency never responded, so Bozwell said he registered and more than two dozen similar addresses.

"I have more computing power than most small countries," Bozwell said, bragging Thursday of a homemade machine with two modems and about 20 gigabytes of hard drive space, which means Bozwell can store information equivalent in size to 1,024 floppy disks.

Bozwell was not the first to register this type of name. On March 4, 1999,, which redirected visitors Thursday to a site with depictions of bestiality, was registered.

"My thing has got nothing to do with the president. I love the president," said Stephen Yomtobian, who is listed on the Internet as the owner of that address. Yomtobian said he has never been contacted by the White House or Secret Service.

Bozwell said he is funding what he calls his "domain name project" with credit cards and loans.

"They talk about all of the voters of America. That's me," Bozwell said during a telephone interview Thursday.

He wasn't kidding. While most people were recovering from millennial madness, Bozwell was kicking off the New Year by registering that Internet domain name,

The 1980 graduate of St. Charles High School took some classes at University of Missouri-St. Louis but stopped attending before declaring a major.

Bozwell said he has not sold any domain names, but a recent check of Internet auctions turned up 31 auctions listed under his name worth a total $33,500. This was before the online auction house yanked the "kill" series from auction.

Bozwell's domain names run the gamut. In addition to the www.kill. . . series, Bozwell recently registered a series of addresses that begin with "thanks" and end with the first name of each player on the Super Bowl champions, the St. Louis Rams.

Bozwell's mother, Juanita Yepp, said Thursday her son's domain name project is "a really good adventure."

Until 1995 or 1996 Bozwell said he was self-employed building computers. Disability forced him out of work.

Bozwell said he and Dargan, the rottweiler named by combining the first three letters of Darryl with the last three letters of Pagan, (a friend's nickname) don't get out much.

It takes a lot of time in front of the computer to register all these names, Bozwell said.