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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for Week of October 30, 2000


. Record Missouri voter turnout predicted. (11/02/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's Secretary of State predicts a record turnout, maybe.

Bekki Cook did not predict any specific number, but issued a statement saying that the "conditions are right for a record number of voters."

She said that local election officials are forecasting large turnouts and that some are reporting large absentee ballot requests.

. Reporter booted from Ashcroft's campaign bus. (11/02/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - The U.S. Senate campaign has booted off their campaign bus the reporter for the state's largest newspaper -- The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

A campaign official told the AP that Deirdre Shesgreen had been ejected because the Post-Dispatch was an "opponent" to the campaign and was biased.

Ashcroft's campaign has had a few other altercations with reporters in the days following the death of his Democratic candidate, Mel Carnahan.

. Nixon wins temporary injunction against auction web site (11/02/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - Attorney Gen. Jay Nixon won the first stage of a lawsuit against an Austria-based web site that offers to sell November presidential votes to the highest bidder.

Nixon won a temporary injunction against the site - - so that the site can no longer be accessed by users.

. Carnahan begins airing campaign ads (11/02/00)
JEFFERSON CITY - Jean Carnahan unveiled her first television ad Thursday, asking voters to cast their ballots for her late husband, Gov. Mel Carnahan, to keep his legacy alive.

The ad did not discuss any specific issues and did not mention her opponent, Republican incumbent Sen. John Ashcroft.

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    . Missouri Senate race offers history and national significance (11/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - With Democrats viewing Missouri as a chance to trim the GOP's slim Senate majority, the state's Senate race between a popular two-term governor and an incumbent was already among the nation's most-watched.

    That was before Gov. Mel Carnahan died in a plane crash, making him the first dead man on a U.S. Senate ballot and attracting even more national attention to the Show Me State.

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    . Record voter turnout expected on November 7th (11/02/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Secretary of State Bekki cook says she expects a record voter turnout for the November 7th General Election.

    The current record was set in 1992 with 2.4 million voters.

    Missouri has more than 3.6 million register voters this year, surpassing the old record set two years ago by about 40,000 voters.

    Anyone unable to vote on election day may vote absentee in person until 5pm on November 6th.

    . Jean Carnahan remains low profile as Election Day approaches (11/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The Carnahan-Ashcroft race is one of the most high profile Senate races in the country, but Jean Carnahan is taking a low profile stance as Election Day approaches.

    Since her announcement Monday, she has not made any campaign appearances.

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    . Missouri's candidates for governor have vastly different backgrounds and views. (11/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The differences between the two leading candidates for Missouri governor could not be greater.

    One comes from rural Missouri, the other from the state's urban population center.

    One proposes dramatic new programs to address some of the state's biggest problems, the other argues for maintaining the course of the Carnahan administration.

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    . Two rural Missourians are running for a job that has taken added significance for the state this year. (11/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - The campaign for Missouri's lieutenant governor often is dominated by questions about whether the office is worth keeping.

    But that definitely is not the case this year, when the state's lieutenant governor, Roger Wilson, became governor after death of Mel Carnahan.

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    . Absentee ballot requests running about normal. (11/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Despite the historical note to this year's elections, election officials report that requests for absentee ballots are about the same as in past years.

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    . Amendment 3 would change salary commission (11/01/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - In a little-known constitutional amendment before Missouri voters, the legislature would take back some authority from a state commission that sets the salaries and expenses of elected officials.

    The Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials was created in 1994 when voters overwhelmingly voted for the amendment. It recommends salaries, mileage and expenses for General Assembly members, statewide elected officials and judges.

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    . Democratic Senate campaign to focus on Mel Carnahan (10/31/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - One day after Jean Carnahan's dramatic announcement, campaign aides for the Democratic campaign for the U.S. Senate say they still are unsure how to proceed in the last week of the campaign.

    For Jean Carnahan, the final days of the election season are an exercise in guesswork, with campaign and party officials attempting to devise a strategy for the non-candidate in the U.S. Senate race.

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    . Jean Carnahan makes it official, she will be the stand-in candidate. (10/30/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - At a news conference at the Carnahan family farm, the widow of Missouri's governor said she would accept appointment to the U.S. Senate seat her late husband had been seeking.

    Jean Carnahan made her announcement on the back porch with her children and grandchildren standing beside her. She said it would be a non-traditional campaign, but provided few details of how actively she would campaign.

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    . Blunt and Gaw go negative (10/30/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - With only days until the election, secretary of state candidates Matt Blunt and Steve Gaw are waging an advertising blitz, with each candidate questioning the other's honesty and integrity.

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    . Republicans claim Jean Carnahan cannot take her late husband's seat if he is elected to the US Senate (10/30/00)
    JEFFERSON CITY - Democrats celebrate Jean Carnahan's promise to take her late husband's seat if elected to the US Senate, but Republicans insist there are legal hang-ups.

    State Representative Todd Akin says the US Constitution specifies that Mel Carnahan must be both a citizen AND a living person to win his election.

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