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Missouri Government News for Week of Oct. 25, 1999

Planned Parenthood family planning money is at stake before a circuit court judge today

The case is the latestest in the ongoing battle between anti-abortion lawmakers and Planned Parenthood. The lawmakers don't want state money going to organizations that provide abortions.

A state law requires the abortion side of an organization and the family planning side of the organization to be "seperate." Jordan Cherrick says two Planned Parenthood organizations haven't done that. He's asking that they lose state funding until they comply with the "seperation" standard.

Missouri's leading parties attempt to clean up campaign

Days after pictures surfaced of Gov. Mel Carnahan in blackface, Missouri's leading political parties have corresponded ideas to stop all negative campainging in the U.S. Senate race.

Republican party chair, Ann Wagner, sent a letter to Democrat party chair, Joe Carmichael, urging to put a end to "hurtful politics.

Carmichael responded with six suggested ground rules to raise the level of the campaign. He suggested that both party's agree and follow these ground rules.

Missouri Reform Party dissapointed by Trump's comments

Reform Party Chair Bill Lewin says his party doesn't support negative campaigning.

Donald Trump recently called Pat Buchanan a "Hitler-lover."

See our radio story for details.

Proposal May Clean-up 2000 Missouri U.S. Senate Race

Both Republicans and Democrats say they want to concentrate on the issues of the campaign.

Joe Carmichael, head of the Missouri Democratic Committee, has proposed 6 points that may be followed in the 2000 Missouri U.S. Senate campaign. On Wednesday, Republican leadership asked that the upcoming campaign concentrate on facts, not accusations.

See our package of radio stories for details.

New restaurant health codes to take effect.

At the end of October, new health codes for restaurants will take effect in Missouri.

It will be first time the codes have been changed since 1976. The changes are required by the federal government.

See our package of radio stories for details.

Big bucks flow to Missouri politicans as the U.S. Supreme Court reviews the state's campaign contribution law.

The leading candidates for Missouri governor are getting huge contributions that would be illegal under a state law now under review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

See our newspaper story for details.

Also see our radio story for details.

Missouri's governor apologizes for minstrel show.

Missouri's governor has apologized for his appearance in a minstrel show in his home town of Rolla nearly 40 years ago.

The governor's apology was issued at a news conference called after state Republicans had attacked the governor for his appearance and referred to photos from the show in Rolla in 1960.

See our newspaper story for more details.

Also see our package of radio stories with digital audio for more information.

Misouri taxpayers to receive state revenue refund

Most Missouri taxpayers will get their portion of a $178 million tax refund just in time for the holidays.

Due to the Hancock amendment Missourians started to receive refunds Monday. This government surplus is required to be refunded to the taxpayers.

The mailings are being sent out in zip code order from the lowest to the highest. Columbian's refund is scheduled to be mailed on Dec. 2.