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Missouri Government News for Week of January 13, 1997

House rejects fatter pay checks.

The House overhwhemlingly voted against a commission plan to raise the salaries of lawmakers and judges.

The resolution rejecting the pay hikes now goes to the Senate which must approve the resolution else the pay increase will go into effect - despite the House rejection.

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Pay hike rejected by House Committee

The House Rules Committee has voted against the package of pay increases recommended by a citizens commission.

The pay hikes for lawmakers and judges automatically will take effect unless rejected by both the House and Senate.

The full House is scheduled to take up the issue Thursday morning.

Wednesday, salary commission members appeared before committees of both the House and Senate urging them to take the extra money.

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Managed care legislation introduced.

The legislature's committee on managed care introduced its legislative package Wednesday.

One member of the committee warned HMOs their "party is over" while business organizations mounted a PR campaign attacking the proposals.

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Education Top Theme for Inauguration

Gov. Mel Carnahan made education the dominate theme in his inaugural address Monday.

To emphasize the point, immediately after his inauguration, Carnahan met with a group of high school students from around the state.

Carnahan and the four other state officials re-elected last November took their oaths of office inside the Capitol - the first inauguration held indoors since 1961.

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