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Speaker Candidates

October 16, 1995
State Capital Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY _ Note: See the Main story on the speaker's race.

Rep. Gracia Backer, D-New Bloomfield
Elected to House: 1982.

Education: Attended Soutwest Missouri State University, graduate William Woods College in 1993.

Assistant majority floor leader, 1993.

Chairman of the General Administration Appropriations Committee.

Committees: Banks and Financial Institutions; Budget; Motor, Vehicle and Traffic Regulations; Rules, Joint Rules, Bills Perfected.

Caucuses: Women Legislators of Missouri; Women Legislators.

Political reputation: progressive, outspoken, aggressive, hard-edged, financial moderate, social liberal, loyal Democrat.

Rep. Jason Klumb, D-Butler
Elected to House: 1992.

Education: Law student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Committees: Agri-business; Commerce; Urban Affairs; Ways and Means.

Reputation: articulate, young, bright but inexperienced as a legislator.

Rep. Sheila Lumpe, D-University City
Elected to House: 1980.

Education: M.A. in political science from University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1989. A.B. from Indiana University.

Chairman of Budget committee.

Committees: Governmental Organization and Review; Science, Technology and Critical Issues.

Caucuses: Women Legislators of Missouri; St. Louis Area Caucus; Women Legislators.

Reputation: Liberal, intellectual, broad grasp on issues, abortion rights supporter, pro labor.

Rep. Tim Green, D-St. Louis County
Elected to House: 1988.

Education: B.S. in business administration from University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Occupation: Construction electrician.

Chairman of Labor committee.

Committees: Insurance; Budget; Banks and Financial Institutions; General Administration Appropriations.

Caucuses: St. Louis Area Caucus.

Reputation: Fair, pro-labor, anti-abortion, pro-urban, loyal Democrat.

Rep. Sam Leake, D-Laddonia
Elected to House: 1988.

Education: Moler Barber College graduate.

Occupation: Farmer and businessman.

Chairman of Agriculture committee.

Committees: Education and Public Safety Appropriations; Budget; Tourism, Recreations and Cultural Affairs.

Reputation: Rural, religious, anti-abortion, a political insider, conservative.

Rep. Phil Smith, D-Louisiana
Elected to House: 1990.

Eudcation: J.D. from University of Missouri-Columbia.

Occupation: Attorney.

Chairman of Science, Technology and Critical Issues Committee.

Committees: Agriculture; Civil and Criminal Law; Judiciary and Ethics.

Political Reputation: Progressive, abortion rights supporter, arrogant, partisan, a better lawyer than legislator.

Bill Skaggs, D-Kansas City
Elected to House: 1982.

Education: Attended Central Missouri State University.

Occupation: Banker, former auto worker.

Chairman of Accounts, Operations and Finance Committee.

Committees: Banks and Financial Institutions; Retirement; Urban Affairs.

Political reputation: strong but silent type, abortion rights supporter, anti-gambling, plays hard ball, pro-labor.