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Campaign Contribution Expenditure Information

Navigating our Search Page

From the same webpage, MDN provides you with two separate ways to tracking how special interests are funding government and politics.

If you're interested in finding out from where a public official is getting money, do the following:

  1. Category: Select the category you wish to explore -- official, PAC or your own search. You can search for specific elected officials, PACs or do your own search.

    If you select the Seek category you will be prompted to fill in information for a specific search by donor and/or recepient. But if you pick an elected-official or PAC category, one or two other selections will be opened:

    • Office Year: If you selected the elected-official category, this selection will be opened for you to pick one of the years the official was in office.

    • To: This selection will be opened if you selected either a political candidate or a political action committee. The selection will be filled in alphabetical order of the candidates or the PACs who have registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

  2. In: Select the year for which you wish to see campaign contributions.

Once a category for the office-category has been selected, the selection-box to the right will be filled, in alphabetical order, with the officials who held office in the year you selected and had at least one campaign committee registered (or was registered) with the Missouri Ethics Commission will be displayed.

Once you have selected a specific recipient, all of the contributions reported by that official's campaign committee(s) will be displayed at the top. Some officials have more than one campaign committee that were created during their time in office. MDN's database searches all of those committees.

You can select prior years for contributions to the official by changing the year in the selection-box to the right of In:.

This feature lets you search for contributions in years before the official had been elected to office. If you want a more expansive search, do the following:

If you would like to see the contributon report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, simply double click the item of interest.


MDN's databases of contribution reports are constructed from information filed by campaign committees with the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC). MEC has digital records going back no further than 2011.

Each filing includes the amount contributed, the source of the contribution and the date of the contribution expended. For a contribution by an individual (as opposed to a commitee or business, the report will include the contributor's employer (if any) and occupation..

Data Fields

Display Functions at the Bottom

View the Entire MEC Report

To view the full report filed with the Missouri Elections Commission for a particular entry, simply double-click the entry.

That will pop up a display of every field in MEC's database for that contribution.


To display a list of contributions

• Category: Select the category you wish to explore -- official, PAC or your own search
• Office Year: Select the year in office if you selected an elected-official category.
• To: Select the specific official or PAC, if you selected PACs or officials as the category.
• In: Select the year for which you wish to see campaign contributions.
• To: Select from the list the specific recipient.

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