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NewsLive: Live Chamber Actions and Audio

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MDN NewsLive Help

Boards:  The message boards at the top of the screen contain information that comes directly from the House and Senate message system, with some changes made to provide information and links from MDN.

The message boards autmatically are updated every ten seconds.

The date stamp is the time and date the message appeared.

Below the description of what a chamber is doing are three buttons to select what to display in the message section. The current function will appear depressed:

This will display earlier messages. Keep clicking this button to keep going back in time. Automatic updates of chamber messages is disabled when this button is depressed.
This displays the current chamber message. It also restores automatic updating of current messages that was disabled when you were looking at earlier messages.
This will display more recent messages. The button will be greyed out and do nothing unless you are displaying older messages. Automatic updates of chamber messages is disabled when this button is depressed.
Note: When you are reviewing older messages (with the << or later with the >> button), the board will NOT be updated automatically. To resume automatic update for a board, simply click the Now button.
Audio:  Audio from the House and Senate is streamed in MP3 format and in broadcast quality. To get the audio stream, there will be two buttons followed, on non-mobile phones, by an embedded player if supported on your browser.

Mobile Phones
  This calls up MX Player, the dominate player for both Androids and iPhones.
  This calls up QuickTime.

On desktops there will be two buttons followed by a possible additional line.

  This calls up the default player for most computers to invoke whatever player you have installed to listen to MP3 streaming audio.
  This will only play audio if you have QuickTime installed.
If you have a plugin for playing audio from within your browser, a third line will display that player where you can invoke the audio stream without launching a separate application. At present, only Windows Media Player and QuickTime are supported.

For technical details and getting connected on a mobile phone, click the Android help button.

MDN's audio stream functions throughout the year, even when the legislature is adjourned. If, after a short announcement when you first open up the stream, there is silence, it may mean the legislature is not in session, is in recess or that some action that does not require debate is underway, such as standing at ease.

Schedule:  The regular session of Missouri's legislature begins at noon on the Wednesday that follows the first Monday in January (January 3 in 2018) and is prohibiting from passing bills after 6pm on the Friday that follows the second Monday in May (May 18 in 2018).

Technically, the legislature can continue to meet until the end of May, but only to enroll bills that have cleared the legislature.

The legislature reconvenes on the first Wednesday following the second Monday in September to consider any bills vetoed by the governor. The veto session can last no longer than ten calendar days.

The governor or the legislature itself can call a special session for any time (even running concurrently with a regular session). A special session called by the governor can last no more than 60 days. A special session called by the legislature can last no more than 30 days.

During most weeks of a session, the legislature will begin the week at 4pm on Monday and adjourn for the week at about noon Thursday. At times, particularly toward the end of a legislative session, the legislature may start earlier on Monday and/or continue into Friday. Afternoon and evening sessions also may be held.