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2010 Calendar: SBs and SJRs for Senate Perfection

SCS SB 607Sponsor: Stouffer, Bill
Establish a system for providing drug testing of welfare recipients suspected of using illegal drugs. Provide a three-year ban on welfare to a person who tests positive.
SCS SB 738Sponsor: Crowell, Jason
Make it an infraction to refuse to obey a police officer. Declare that an infraction is not a crime, but processed like a misdemeanor crime.
SCS SB 596Sponsor: Callahan, Victor
Let a city create an area with reduced tax rates to encourage economic development.
SJR 22Sponsor: Callahan, Victor
Allow creation of tax-free zones for economic development.
SCS SB 839Sponsor: Wright-Jones, Robin
Prohibit the Gaming Commission from revoking a gaming license for a gambling boat having inadequate income.
SJR 33Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
In a trial for a sexual offense involving a victim under age 18, allow admission of evidence of prior criminal acts.
SJR 31Sponsor: Scott, Delbert
Establish a constitutional right to pray in government buildings.
SCS SB 579Sponsor: Shields, Charlie
Repeal a law prohibiting Kansas City police from political activities.
SCS SJR 29Sponsor: Purgason, Chuck
Repeal the income tax and replace it with a sales tax.
SJR 40Sponsor: Goodman, Jack
Establish a constitutional right to vote by secrete ballot and attempt to negate any federal law concerning non-secrete union membership votes.
SS SB 895Sponsor: Dempsey, Tom
The SS is an omnibus package of tax breaks for business. The original bill contained various changes in a law providing government assistance for various technology efforts by business. The SCS contains a number of other bills providing business tax breaks - SB 813, SB 911, SB 924, SB 922 & SB 802.
SCS SB 818Sponsor: Lembke, Jim
Several changes involving initiative petitions. Provide that a mistake or error by a petition signer shall not invalidate the signature. Create crimes of falsifying signatures and obstructing a person from signing a petition.
SB 896Sponsor: Shields, Charlie
Require new hires by state government to make a contribution to their retirement plans.
SS SB 852Sponsor: Lager, Brad
Impose restrictions in the employment discrimination law. Exempt smaller businesses, some federal government agencies, religious organizations and private clubs. Provide a right for trial by jury.
SCS SB 905Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Require the state to implement the national Streamlined Sales Tax agreement. It requires uniformity in state and local sales tax exemptions and processes and establishes provisions for governing taxes imposed on out-of-state sellers.
SCS SB 878Sponsor: Lembke, Jim
Repeal the law that requires the Health Department to be a collection agency for unpaid debts to medical providers and to take income tax refunds to help pay off the debts. This bill would establish a similar debt-collection provision just for ambulance services. The requirement, passed just a few years earlier, was never implemented.
SCS SB 587Sponsor: Nodler, Gary
Create a commission to advise the attorney general when the federal government imposes requirements on states without Constitutional authority.
SJR 34Sponsor: Goodman, Jack
Give voters the right to require a statewide vote to require the attorney general to sue the federal government for exceeding its powers over states.
SCS SB 880Sponsor: Schaefer, Kurt
Impose a $100 surcharge on drunken driving for drunken driving convictions to finance a program for DWI court dockets. The SCS is a combination of various bills to toughen penalties and enforcement for drunken driving. The SCS inludes SB 780 & SB 836.
SB 792Sponsor: Dempsey, Tom
Expand the information reported to the state when an abortion is preformed. Include reasons why the woman sought the abortion including social and economic factors and whether the woman was on birth control.
SCS SJR 25Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane
Prohibit any law requiring a person or company to participate in a government-run health care plan.
SCS SB 698Sponsor: Griesheimer, John
Let a telephone company refuse to provide service to someone who contracts with an alternative service or allows an alternative service to install equipment on his/her property.
SJR 38Sponsor: Ridgeway, Luann
Shorten the length of legislative sessions by about one month, Set change the adjournment date from mid-May to mid-April.
SB 606Sponsor: Stouffer, Bill
Include coverage of comprehensive day servces under Medicaid, now named MO HealthNet.
SB 797Sponsor: Green, Tim
Let counties abolish the county prosecutor's office and enter a statewide district attorney system.
SB 784Sponsor: Schaefer, Kurt
Remove the higher financial assistance provided to private university students in the Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program. Raise the maximum assistance for public university students.
SB 747Sponsor: Rupp, Scott
Extend a requirement that only optional riders to a health insurance plan can provide coverage for elective abortion to include any state or federal health insurance exchange.
SB 868Sponsor: Shields, Charlie
Provide a sales tax exemption for data storage center facilities.
SB 999Sponsor: Schaefer, Kurt
Authorize tax credits for new business facilities in an industrial zone, under certain circumstances.
SB 705Sponsor: Griesheimer, John
Require puchase adjustments in natural gas rates include the bad debts (unpaid bills) the corporation incurred in providing service to customers. Add provisions allowing a person getting Utilicare assistance to pay a part of a utility bill.
SCS SB 810Sponsor: Lager, Brad
Expand the powers of the state fire marshal to investigate fireworks sales. Require proof of insurance to get a permit to sell fireworks and deny the permit to ex-felons.
SCS SB 1017Sponsor: Mayer, Rob
Extend the sunset to 2015 of the "federal reimbursement allowance." It's a tax the state imposes on health facilities to use to match with federal Medicaid funds. The state tax money then is returned to health facilities. May be a vehicle for a part of the administration's budget-savings package including extending an insurance preimum tax and adding state mental health hospitals to the hospital provider tax.
HCS SB 940Sponsor: Pearce, David
A number of changes involving bingo licenses. Increase how much can be spent on advertising. Repeal the legal limit on bingo game prizes. Give the gaming commission power to set the limit.
SCS SB 1016Sponsor: Mayer, Rob
Various provisions to improve tax collections. Require a statement from the Revenue Department that no tax is due to get a city or county business license. Toughen enforcement of delinquent tax collections. Part of the budget-savings package of the administration. Would save an estimated $17 million.
SCS SB 639Sponsor: Schmitt, Eric
Toughen laws against Medicaid fraud. Let any private person file suit for Medicaid fraud.
SCS SB 643Sponsor: Keaveny, Joseph
Give St. Louis city control over its own police force. Currently, the St. Louis Police Department is controlled by a board named by the governor.
SCS SB 1060Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
A couple of changes in assignment of a judge for a case. Allow trail assignment to a judge who conducted the preliminary hearing.