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2010 Calendar: SBs and SJRs for Senate 3rd Reading

SB 1001Sponsor: Griesheimer, John
Declare the first week of May Local Government Week.
SCS SB 826Sponsor: Griesheimer, John
Expand to St. Louis County a law that allows an ambulance district substitute a property tax with a sales tax, upon voter approval.
SCS SB 631 (In Budget)Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane
Require a school to report to the state an allegation of sexual misconduct by a teacher or school employee. Make it a crime for a school employee to fail to report an incident of sexual misconduct by an employee.
1.) SB 627 (In Budget)Sponsor: Justus, Jolie
Require the Health Department to mail a notice to parents of females in sixth grade information about human papilloma virus vaccination. Require the department to report to the legislature figures on immunization.
2.) SJR 20Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
Allow retrospective application of the law requiring DNA samples of some arrested persons. Allow the requirement to be imposed on persons arrested before the requirement was added to the law. Was not cleared by the S Governmental Accountability Committee, reviewing its cost, until May 6 when there was just one week left in the session -- and well after the Senate began working on bills passed by the House.
3.) SB 779 (In Budget)Sponsor: Bartle, Matt
Various changes to the state's DNA profiling system. Expand persons required to be registered.
4.) SCS SB 944 (In Budget)Sponsor: Shields, Charlie
Exempt tips, whether mandatory or voluntary, from the sales tax.
5.) SCS SB 622 (In Budget)Sponsor: Shoemyer, Wes
Increase the pesticide registration fee from $15 to $150 plus a percentage of the product's sales.
6.) SS SB 1057 (In Budget)Sponsor: Shields, Charlie
Require the Office of Administration to conduct a study on programs that could be eliminated. Require a report to the legislature by the end of the year 2010. The SS combines the Water Patrol and the Highway Patrol. It also includes studying merging the departments of Health, Mental Health and Social Services. The patrol merger is part of the budget-savings package of the administration that would save about $2 million.
7.) SCS SB 969Sponsor: Keaveny, Joseph
Lower the age of required school attendance in St. Louis and Kansas City from seven to five -- essentially making kindergarten required. Allow two starting dates each year for kindergarten. Perfected by the Senate on April 27 when there were less than three weeks left in the legislative session.