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2010 Calendar: HBS and HJRs for Senate 3rd Reading

HCS HJR 86Sponsor: Loehner, Tom
Establish a constitutional right to raise animals.
SCS HB 2109Sponsor: Ruzicka, Don
Extend the sunset on a fee charged private sewage treatment plants from 2010 to 2012. The SS contains provisions to add stronger regulation over sewage near lakes and rivers with state parks including requiring a rural plumbing code, real-time water testing. The Senate, however, removed a requirement for plumbing codes in counties with state parks aside streams or lakes.
SS HB 2111Sponsor: Faith, Sally
Establish a state transit assistance program to provide support to public mass transportation service providers, subject to appropriations. SS prohibits cities from using automatic systems to enforce speeding or red light laws. It also repeals the auto safety inspection requirement.
SCS HCS HB 2048Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike
Exempt some service and product sales from the sales tax if they are to be resold. Add language requiring sales taxes from amusement, entertaining and athletic game ticket sales.
SCS HB 1424Sponsor: Franz, Ward
Impose various requirements on delinquent county tax collections and notifications.
SS HCS HB 1290Sponsor: Gatschenberger, Chuck
Raise the property value above which the auditor of a charter county must maintain an inventory rom $250 to $2,500. The SS contains a number of unrelated provisions dealing with local government and agriculture. SA 1 exempts some food from state food safety regulation. Other amendments expand nuisance control powers of counties.
SS SCS HB 1609Sponsor: Diehl, John
Change from mandatory to discretionary a provision that currently requires a presiding circuit judge to certify a case for assignment. The SS had several unrelated provisions. Prohibit child care services being provided by a provider facing a charge involving children, spouse support in divorce cases.
SCS HCS HB 1695Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan
Establish a statewide tracking system for persons convicted of drunken driving. Increase the suspension period for drunken driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.15% or higher.
SCS HCS HB 1446Sponsor: Jones, Timothy
Let a lender sell various additional services such as automobile club memberships and security plans.
HB 1842Sponsor: Wilson, Kevin
Restrict rounding of votes for any public vote on a tax measure to the third decimal point.
SCS HB 1541Sponsor: Ruzicka, Don
Let some cities have elections of mayors and councilmen without a primary election.
SCS HB 1802Sponsor: Gatschenberger, Chuck
Let Missourians purchase rifles and shotguns in any state and let any other state resident purchase rifles and shotguns in Missouri. Current law attempts to restrict those rights to adjoining states. SS includes expanding the right to kill, "Castle Doctrine" to include private property besides residences.
HJR 62 (In Budget)Sponsor: McGhee, Mike
Establish a constitutional right to pray in government facilities and schools.
SCS HCS HB 1473Sponsor: Thomson, Mike
Lower the minimum grade point average for the Access Missouri Scholarships for students with less than 60 credit hours. The HCS phases out the higher scholarship award provided to private university students in the Access Missouri program.
1.) SCS HCS HB 1675 (In Budget)Sponsor: Nolte, Jerry
Provide tax credits for a manufacturing plant expansion that adds jobs and exports some of its products.
2.) SCS HJR 76 (In Budget)Sponsor: Dethrow, Mike
Require a 4/7ths majority approval to adopt any initiative proposal involving wildlife or forestry resources.
3.) HCS HB 1497 (In Budget)Sponsor: Smith, Jason
Require a special election to fill a vacancy in a statewide office, except governor. Currently, such a vacancy is filled by the gubernatorial appointment.
4.) HB 2252 (In Budget)Sponsor: Faith, Sally
Extend the sunset for a law providing tax credits for contributions to pregnancy resource centers.
5.) SCS HCS HJR 64 (In Budget)Sponsor: Cox, Stanley
Require a government photo ID to vote. In 2006, in a 6-1 decision, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down a law passed earlier that year by the legislature to require a photo ID to vote.
6.) SCS HCS HB 1966 (In Budget)Sponsor: Diehl, John
Allow advance ballots to be cast during the second week before the election. The HCS would require a government issued photo ID to vote. In 2006, in a 6-1 decision, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down a similar requirement passed earlier that year by the legislature.
7.) HJR 78 (In Budget)Sponsor: Smith, Jason
Require a 3/5ths (60%) voter approval to amend the state constitution, with some exceptions.
8.) SCS HCS HB 1400Sponsor: Cox, Stanley
Prohibit businesses from banning workers from carrying firearms in their cars. Restrict when a person for criminal acts occurring at a business. In 2009, Senate action on a similar bill, HB 170, was blocked by a filibuster. Reported from the H General Laws Committee on April 14 when there was just four weeks and one day left in the legislative session. Perfected April 27.
9.) SS HB 2205 (In Budget)Sponsor: Burlison, Eric
Require a health managed care plan provide documents in written form if the enrollee requests it. The SCS gives the state power to regulate long-term insurance rates.
10.) SCS HCS HB 1871 (In Budget)Sponsor: Schoeller, Shane
Require composting facilities to register with the state and file annual reports. The HCS contains amendments with a couple of other unrelated environmental issues.