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2010 Calendar: SBs for House 3rd Reading

1.) HCS SB 686 (In Budget)Sponsor: Rupp, Scott
Allow one no-cause challenge to a hearing officer by a party in a State Tax Commission appeal. Part of the administration's package to balance the state's budget.
2.) HCS SS SB 920Sponsor: Keaveny, Joseph
Establish provisions for transfer of property owned by a husband and wife to themselves in a trust.
3.) HCS SB 894Sponsor: Dempsey, Tom
Change the description of benefits available to persons under the health care program for state government who also are covered by Medicare. Require it to be "actuarially equivalent benefit products" as that provided to those who are no eligible for Medicare. Part of the budget-savings package of the administration. Would save an estimated $3 million.
4.) SB 900Sponsor: Rupp, Scott
Various changes in the life insurance guarantee law that provides coverage for life insurance policies written by firms that go broke. Expand what is not covered.
5.) HCS SS SB 943Sponsor: Shields, Charlie
Require the legislature's Joint Committee on Education to conduct a study on education financing in the fall of 2010. The SS changes the allocation of state funds to local schools and remove additional funding for summer school.
6.) HCS SCS SB 812Sponsor: Schmitt, Eric
Provide a special auto license plate for a contribution to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The SCS has a couple of other special auto license plate bills - SB 752 & SB 909.