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2010 Calendar: Bills in Conference

SS HB 1268 (CCR to H)Sponsor: Meiners, Kate
Declare November 16 as Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Awareness Day. The SS removes Lincoln and Truman's birthdays as holidays for state government workers. Part of the governor's package to reduce state spending.
SCS HB 1677Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore
Declare the first Friday in March as Dress Blue for Colon Cancer Awareness Day. The SCS eliminates Lincoln's birthday (Feb. 12) and Truman's birthday (May 8) as holidays for state government workers. Part of the governor's package to reduce state spending.
HB 1691Sponsor: Kraus, Will
Designate a bicycling month, day and a week and a "Walk & Bike to School" month, day and week. The Senate version adds several other special days.
HCS SS SB 605Sponsor: Mayer, Rob
Raise the assessed valuation or a county to move to a higher classification. The HCS has become an omnibus local government bill.
SCS SB 616Sponsor: Goodman, Jack
Exempt from some health insurance laws for some non-profit organizations providing health care to the lower income.
HCS SB 741Sponsor: Griesheimer, John
Establish provisions for recall elections of ambulance district board members. The HCS includes a provision stripping the governor of authority to fill vacancies in statewide elected offices. Instead, such a vacancy would be filled by a statewide vote.
CCS SB 778 (CCR to H)Sponsor: Pearce, David
Remove the August 2011 expiration date that exempts various higher education instituitions from having to get legislative approval to sell or transfer real estate.
HCS SCS SB 829Sponsor: Schaefer, Kurt
Add tires and storm water runoff that damage buildings in the list of items that that Boone and Cole Counties can regulate by nuisance abatement ordinances. The HCS contains a large number of other unrelated topics covering the judiciary, jury expense funds, creation of a sentence review commission, motor vehicle certificates, sales tax exemption for kosher food, and more.