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1999 Calendar: SBs and SJRs for Senate Perfection

SCS SB 318Sponsor: Jacob, Ken
Increase dependent & personal income tax deduction.
SB 78Sponsor: Russell, John
Let non-lawyer represent himself in state agency hearings by the Administrative Hearing Comm. or worker's comp. cases.
SB 203Sponsor: Wiggins, Harry
Require Human Rights Com. letter when terminates complaint investigation.
SB 417Sponsor: Quick, Ed
Charge escrow fee to off-brand tobacco firms to sell products in Missouri.
SB 5Sponsor: Wiggins, Harry
Repeals the corporate franchse tax in the year 2000.
SCS SB 339Sponsor: Howard, Jerry
Ease certificate of need limits on nursing homes. Expand patients can have.
SB 235Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Allow gambling on machines that give non-cash prizes.
SB 179Sponsor: Goode, Wayne
Allow single contract to design & build state facilities.
SB 345Sponsor: Johnson, Sidney
Ban partial birth abortions.
SCS SB 397Sponsor: Maxwell, Joe
Increase maximum lawsuit award allowed against government. Expands sovereign immunity exemption amount.
SB 316Sponsor: Schneider, John
Make circuit clerks appointed positions in most counties.
SB 97Sponsor: Maxwell, Joe
Exempt taxes of special bank accounts of the low income. Account can be used only for things like education, homes.
SCS SB 30Sponsor: Howard, Jerry
Clarify membership of Soil and Water Districts Commission.
SCS SB 208Sponsor: House, Ted
Ban CBHE from restricting a private college program. Few changes in couple of scholarship programs too.
SCS SB 429Sponsor: Jacob, Ken
Declare underinsured auto coverage is in addition to the underinsured in the accident, in some policies.
1.) SCS SB 274Sponsor: House, Ted
Ban partial birth abortion. More than 18 members co-sponsored.
2.) SCS SB 18Sponsor: Goode, Wayne
Higher drunken driving penalty for .15% blood alcohol.
3.) SCS SB 398Sponsor: Maxwell, Joe
Crime of financial exploitation of the elderly by a trustee.
4.) SB 507Sponsor: Childers, Doyle
Includes llamas in the definition of livestock covered by any state law or regulation concerning livestock.
5.) SB 413Sponsor: Johnson, Sidney
Expand cap on per diem for the Cosemtology Board from $50 per day to the federal rate.
6.) SCS SJR 16Sponsor: Schneider, John
Criminal forfeitures to be put into a statewide fund to be split between cops and schools.
7.) SB 98Sponsor: Kenney, Bill
Update a 1939 state law on bedding manufacturing.
8.) SJR 29Sponsor: Caskey, Harold
Allow evidence of other charges in a criminal case.
9.) SB 16Sponsor: Mathewson, Jim
Tax credit to business for 50% costs of meeting ADA requirements, Americans with Disabilities Act.
10.) SB 52Sponsor: Klarich, Dave
Freeze property assessment of homes of the elderly.
11.) SB 236Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Let kid attend summer school just before kindergarten.
12.) SB 447Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Require preventitive maintenance plans by utilities.