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1999 Calendar: HBS and HJRs for Senate 3rd Reading

SCS HS HB 618Sponsor: Harlan, Tim
Require HMO cover in-house service in long-term care facility rather than getting it from an outsider.
SCS HCS HB 349Sponsor: Gunn, Russell
Tax exemption for family development accounts.
HJR 5Sponsor: Barry, Joan
Allow school bond issues be passed by a simple majority.
SCS HB 468Sponsor: Koller, Don
Rename the Highways Dept. chief engineer to director.
SCS HB 542Sponsor: Barry, Joan
Let maternity home decline tax-exempt contribution. Also adult abuse centers. Pending SA2=family development acc
SCS HCS HB 780Sponsor: Van Zandt, Tim
Require initiative petition circulators be registered with the secretary of state.
SCS HS HB 246Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Income tax credit for housing construction in distressed areas.
HB 64Sponsor: Long, Beth
Expand guide dog access rights to trainers of dogs. Covering places that must allow access by the dog.
SCS HS HB 822Sponsor: Liese, Chris
A number of banking & trustee law changes. Let a trustee borrow from himself.
HCS HB 321Sponsor: Farnen, Ted
At a non-voting faculty member to the university curators. Covers MU and the other universities.
SCS HCS HB 192Sponsor: Davis, D. J.
Notification requirements & limits on telephone solicitors and telemarketers.
SCS HCS HB 389Sponsor: Overschmidt, Francis
Annexation notice must be in newspaper in annexed area, if possible.
SCS HCS HB 599Sponsor: Auer, Ron
Number of changes in insurance receiverships.
SCS HCS HB 430Sponsor: Gaw, Steve
Establish trust fund for tobacco settlement money.
SCS HCS HJR 26Sponsor: Crump, Wayne
Require 2/3rds vote on initiative involving the Conservation Commission's powers.
1.) SCS HS HB 283 (In Budget)Sponsor: Hosmer, Craig
Exclude in trial mentally retarded interrogation if lawyer not present. HS=anti-crime: identity theft, bail bondsmen.
2.) SCS HS HB 826 (In Budget)Sponsor: Harlan, Tim
Several long-term care facility law changes. Eases restrictions on expansion.
3.) SCS HS HB 718 (In Budget)Sponsor: Harlan, Tim
Tax exemption for health insurance of self-employed. GOV BILL. HS provides health insurance exemption for all.
4.) HS HB 180 (In Budget)Sponsor: Hoppe, Tom
Tax on dry cleaners to finance a cleanup fund.