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1999 Calendar: HBs for House Perfection

HCS HB 351Sponsor: Scheve, May
Tax credit for prescription drug costs by the elderly.
HB 166Sponsor: McLuckie, Steve
Collective bargaining rights for government workers. Includes arbitration provisions.
HCS HB 643Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Exempt smaller businesses from corporate franchise tax. Raises from $.2 to $1 million share value of exemption.
HB 952Sponsor: Koller, Don
Sales tax exemption for bird hunting fees & bird feed.
1.) HCS HB 769Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Equal pay for equal work. Ban sex discrimination in salary.
2.) HCS HB 934Sponsor: Treadway, Joe
Transfer Professional Registration Div. to Labor Dept.
3.) HCS HB 456Sponsor: Fitzwater, Rodger
Numerous, mostly minor technical changes, in school laws.
4.) HB 856Sponsor: Ford, Louis
Commission to study St. Louis area growth and problems.
5.) HCS HB 640Sponsor: Campbell, Marsha
Require public hearing for college to condemn land.
6.) HCS HB 354Sponsor: Barry, Joan
Require insurance cover registered nurse first assistants.
7.) HCS HB 709Sponsor: Leake, Sam
Require meat include label indicating the country of origin.
8.) HB 844Sponsor: Gratz, Bill
Tougher penalty for driving with revoked license or with no license.
9.) HB 519Sponsor: Relford, Randall
Allow voter-approved sales tax for regional jails.
10.) HCS HB 535Sponsor: Clayton, Bob
Low-income representation fund get half of tort victims fund payments.
11.) HB 406Sponsor: Mays, Carol Jean
Put pipleline safety penalties into compliance with federal law.
12.) HB 146Sponsor: Wiggins, Gary
Several technical changes with soil & water commissions.
13.) HB 787Sponsor: Wiggins, Gary
Extend termination date of fee on sewage treatment plants.
14.) HB 59Sponsor: Boucher, Bill
Full income tax exemption of government retirement income. Now, only the first $6,000 is exempt.
15.) HCS HB 699Sponsor: Kreider, Jim
Expand who is exempted from a law regulating grain dealers to exclude those who pay for grain at time of delivery.
16.) HCS HB 142Sponsor: Campbell, Marsha
Require home insurance buyer be advised of flood insurance option.
17.) HCS HB 488Sponsor: May, Brian
Lower minimum age of a juror to 18.
18.) HB 85Sponsor: Troupe, Quincy
No suspended sentence for assault on a bus or transit rail and a transit worker or passanger was assaulted.
19.) HCS HB 200Sponsor: Troupe, Quincy
Create an ombudsman office for prison inmates under the lieutenant governor's office.
20.) HCS HB 89Sponsor: Troupe, Quincy
Require employer treat welfare recipients as regular workers in various job benefits.
21.) HB 717Sponsor: Harlan, Tim
Expand ethnic initimidation to cover sexual orientation and disability as a reason for the crime.
22.) HCS HB 160Sponsor: O'Toole, Jim
Toughen coverage of underground pipe notification system.
23.) HCS HB 730Sponsor: Leake, Sam
Numerous changes in school funding law.
24.) HB 194Sponsor: Reynolds, David
Safety warnings and requirements on tanning facilities.
25.) HCS HB 908Sponsor: McBride, Jerry
Income tax credit for designating forest conversation lands of one's property.
26.) HB 105Sponsor: Scheve, May
Let schools teach course on organ donar programs in grades nine and ten for 1 credit.
27.) HCS HB 54Sponsor: Boucher, Bill
Create education program for training parents of special education children.
28.) HB 1021Sponsor: Boucher, Bill
$300 bonus for WW II veterans.
29.) HB 919Sponsor: May, Brian
Ban government interfering with exercise of religion. Back by coalition of religious organizations.