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1999 Calendar: SBs for House 3rd Reading

HCS SB 399Sponsor: Maxwell, Joe
Let school keep higher state funding from tax levy rollback even if voters approve raising levy back up.
SB 4Sponsor: Wiggins, Harry
Extend Kansas City transportation sales tax to Dec. 2001. It expires Dec. 1999.
HCS SCS SB 346Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Election law changes. Move presidential primary to March.
1.) SCS SB 325Sponsor: Stoll, Steve
Several changes in architect, engineer & surveyor licensing.
2.) HCS SB 180Sponsor: Johnson, Sidney
Increase non-teacher retirement provisions.
3.) HCS SCS SB 322Sponsor: Sims, Betty
Stronger enforcement of child day care regulations.
4.) HCS SCS SB 282 (In Budget)Sponsor: Clay, Bill
Tax credits for home rehabilitation in low income areas. Starts as a pilot project.
5.) HCS SB 451Sponsor: Singleton, Marvin
Extend who is covered by the police officer training law, include bailiffs, reserve officers, etc.