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Senate Committee meetings
As of (02/26/2020) at 02:13 PM

Hearing Canceled: 2/25/20 11:43 PM
Committee: Seniors, Families and Children, Senator David Sater, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  8:00 A.M.
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 629 - Sifton, Scott
Expand eligibility for the "Ticket to Work" program that allows some persons to buy into Medicaid health care coverage in order to get a job.

Hearing Canceled: 2/26/20 12:00 AM
Committee: Insurance and Banking, Senator Paul Wieland, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  8:14 a.m.
Room:  SCR 1
* SB 749 - White, Bill
Require health insurance policies cover hearing aids.
* SB 654 - Crawford, Sandy
Various changes in a law providing financial protection for the disabled and elderly. Allow a broker or investiment advisor to notify the Healt Dept. and Securities Commissoner of financial explotation of a person covered by the law. Extend the power of the Securities Comissoner and Health Dept. to enter an order to refuse disbursement of the person's funds.
SB 804 - Cunningham, Mike
Various changes in life care contract reserve funds. Allow investiment of the funds. Current law require the finds be liquid.
* SB 882 - Wieland, Paul
Impose restrictions on motorized bicycles and scooters. Impose speed limits and restrict usage on sidewalks. Impose parking restrictions. Require providers have insurance coverage.
The Senate Committee on Insurance and Banking may go into Executive Session and may vote on Senate Bill 698, Senate Bill 797, Senate Bill 779 and Senate Bill 669. ************ Hearing Canceled ***************

Amended 4: 2/26/20 5:10 AM
Committee: Gubernatorial Appointments, Senator Dave Schatz, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  10:30 a.m.
Room:  Senate Lounge
APPOINTMENTS: Gregory E. Hoberock, Republican, as a member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators (Schatz) Robin R. Wenneker, Independent, as a member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators (Rowden) Stephen Korte, as a member of the Amber Alert System Oversight Committee (O'Laughlin) John Clark Hemeyer, Democrat, as a member of the State Lottery Commission (O'Laughlin) Philip J. Christofferson, Democrat, as a member of the Truman State University Board of Governors (Koenig) *Please note time change

Hearing Canceled: 2/26/20 9:33 AM
Committee: Health and Pensions, Senator Bob Onder, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  10:30am or Upon Morning Recess
Room:  SCR 1
* SJR 60 - Luetkemeyer, Tony
Impose work, education or community service participation to receive Medicaid health care coverage for persons between ages 19 to 64, with exceptions. Prohibit health insurance refusing coverage for pre-existing conditions.
SB 755 - Sater, David
Exempt the salaries of the School Retirement System employees from a law making system members, retirees and beneficiaries confidential.

Hearing Canceled: 2/26/20 8:01 AM
Committee: Appropriations, Senator Dan Hegeman, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  12:00 p.m.
Room:  SCR 2
SB 685 - Sater, David
Expand the minimum amount of money that must be in a separate Tourism Division fund that is funded by general revenue. Repeal a law that effectively phased out the transfers. Extend a special sales tax on tourism oriented goods.
SB 754 - Luetkemeyer, Tony
Legalize gambling on sports games with fees and various regulatory requirements. Legislative staff report the Gaming Commission estimates the bill would raise state revenue by about $35 million per year. Gambling revenue is earmarked for specific areas, mostly education.
* SB 566 - Hoskins, Denny
Legalize and license video gambling terminals. Legislative staff estimate the bill increase state lottery fund collections by $71 million in the first full year of implementation.
* SB 567 - Hoskins, Denny
Legalize gambling on sports games with fees and various regulatory requirements.
*Please note time change

Hearing Canceled: 2/26/20 8:35 AM
Committee: Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, Senator Wayne Wallingford, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  12:00 PM
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 723 - Brown, Justin
Repeal the December 31, 2028 expiration of an electric rate discount for larger customers.
SB 771 - Wallingford, Wayne
Various changes in solid waste management districts. Reduce the maximum percentage of funds that can be allocated to solid waste planning. Repeal a requirement for the Natural Resources Dept. to conduct random sample audits of district grants.
SB 822 - Wallingford, Wayne
Place solid waste forfieture funds be placed in a special fund for cleaning up waste sites. Current law puts the money into General Revenue that the legislature can spend for anything.

Hearing Canceled: 2/26/20 9:01 AM
Committee: Local Government and Elections, Senator Sandy Crawford, Chairwoman
Date:  Wednesday, February 26
Time:  12:00PM
Room:  SCR 1
SB 731 - Sater, David
Increase the per diem payment for county planning commission members from $25 to $35 per meeting.
SJR 46 - Cierpiot, Mike
Require at least 22 percent of qualified voters cast in an election for any local tax or fee increase be approved by a majority.
* SJR 52 - Eigel, Bill
Require that at least 50 percent of qualified voters have cast a vote for a state local government tax or fee increase to be approved. Effectively would defeat a proposal if less than qualified voters had cast their votes, regardless of the percentage of those who actually voted.

Committee: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety, Senator Doug Libla, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  8:15am
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 729 - Sater, David
Let private colleges and universities appoint police officers and enforce traffic regulations and protect property.
SB 743 - Eigel, Bill
Exempt St. Charles County from the motor vehicle emission inspection requirement.
SB 780 - Hough, Lincoln
Authorize an auto seller to delay title transfer for up to 60 days, if requested by the purchaser. Various other changes in auto title transfer provisions.
SB 876 - Libla, Doug
Expand the definition the definition of an all-terrain vehicle restricted from a street or highway.
SB 782 - Brown, Justin
Extend the sunset from Dec. 31, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2032 a requirement a person operating a vessel on a boat have a boating safety identifcation card and complete a boating safety course.
SB 867 - Brown, Justin
Repeal a restriction on Missouri Electric Cooperative Association soecial license plates that they can be provided only to vehicles less than 24,000 in gross weight.

Committee: Appropriations, Senator Dan Hegeman, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  8:30 a.m.
Room:  SCR 2
Department of Labor & Industrial Relations Department of Commerce & Insurance

Amended 1: 2/26/20 8:31 AM
Committee: General Laws, Senator Bill Eigel, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  8:30 AM
Room:  Pershing Conference Room
Executive Session Amended to: Pershing Conference Room

Committee: Ways and Means, Senator Andrew Koenig, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  8:30 am
Room:  Bingham Conference Room
Executive Session: SB 676

Amended 1: 2/26/20 6:59 AM
Committee: Local Government and Elections, Senator Sandy Crawford, Chairwoman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  9:00 a.m.
Room:  Pershing Conference Room
Amended to change date, time and place

Committee: Small Business and Industry, Senator Denny Hoskins, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  9:00 AM
Room:  SCR 1
SB 738 - Onder, Bob
Exclude from the definition of an employee under labor laws a franchisee or a franchisee's employees under an agreement with the U.S. Labor Department, with exceptions.
Executive Session: SB 605 - O'Laughlin SB 607 - May SB 610 - Sater SB 690 - Cunningham SB 703 - Hoskins

Committee: Fiscal Oversight, Senator Mike Cunningham, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  9:30 a.m.
Room:  Bingham Conference Room
SCS SB 617 - Cunningham, Mike
Have the state fire marshal distribute epinephrine auto-injector devices to rural fire protection districts.

Committee: Government Reform, Senator Ed Emery, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  9:45 AM
Room:  Bingham Conference Room

Committee: Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  12:00 P.M. or upon adjournment
Room:  House Hearing Room 7
Discussion on treatment options within healthcare facilities in Missouri.

Committee: Health and Pensions, Senator Bob Onder, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 27
Time:  Upon Adjournment
Room:  SCR 1

Committee: Economic Development, Senator Mike Cierpiot, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, March 3
Time:  10:30 am or upon morning recess
Room:  SCR 1
SB 732 - Emery, Ed
Exclude an independent contractor for the definition of an employee under various laws governing employees.
SB 740 - Onder, Bob
Exclude an independent contractor from the definition of an employee under various laws governing employees.

Amended 1: 2/26/20 10:36 AM
Committee: Joint Committee on Education, Rep. Dean Dohrman, Chairman
Date:  Monday, March 16
Time:  12 Noon
Room:  Joint Hearing Room (117)
1. Co-Chair Election 2. Presentation/Discussion: General Education Requirements NOTE: Amend 1, Room change from HHR5 to Joint Hearing Room (117)