A bill requiring Missouri voters to obtain a government issued photo ID receives negative feedback
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A bill requiring Missouri voters to obtain a government issued photo ID receives negative feedback

Date: January 27, 2014
By: Shannon O'Brien
State Capitol Bureau

A Republican lawmaker wants to make it harder for eligible Missouri voters to vote.
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Wrap: The Secretary of State released a statement of disapproval just hours before a Senate committee that handles elections met to discuss a  bill  that would require Missouri voters to show a government issued photo ID.

But Jackson County Republican Will Kraus sponsored the bill and says voters without the required photo ID are still able to cast their vote with a signature verification process.

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Description: "Cause we want to make sure that everybody's vote counts and no one is getting suppressed because somebody is voting multiple times. We've had elections in this state, state representatives that have won by one vote."

Secretary of State Jason Kander released a statement saying he disapproves the bill because it would keep hundreds of thousands of voters in Missouri from voting.  

Kraus says he is open to suggestions on how to improve the bill, but he says he didn't hear any suggestions in the committee hearing.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Shannon O'Brien.

Lawmakers debate about a bill that would make it harder for lower income voters in Missouri to vote according to one lawmaker.
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Wrap: No one testified in favor of a bill requiring Missouri voters to present a government issued photo ID when they cast their ballot.

But Secretary of State Jason Kander released a statement expressing his strong disapproval because it could keep Missouri voters who rely on public transportation from voting.

St. Louis City Democrat Joseph Keaveny says he is worried about the bill excluding a class of people from their ability to get to the polls.

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Description: "I agree with you we ought to make sure that every vote counts, but in doing that are we making sure not every vote counts?"

The bill would require the state to provide each eligible voter one government issued photo ID.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Shannon O'Brien.

Not just any photo ID will allow you to vote in Missouri if one lawmaker has his way.
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Wrap: A bill requiring all Missouri voters to present a valid government issued photo ID was torn apart in a committee hearing on Monday.

Forms of identification that wouldn't meet this requirement include college student IDs, out of state driver's licenses and utility bills.

John Scott from the Secretary of State's office says there are alternative options to voter fraud that still allow voters to cast regular ballots.  

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Description: "There's a lot of groups of Missourians that would be harmed by this bill for that reason that they don't have that ID that the legislation requires."

A provisional ballot, which requires signature verification may be cast if the voter doesn't have the correct identification.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Shannon O'Brien.  

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