Missouri Representatives propose "Stan Musial Day"
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Missouri Representatives propose "Stan Musial Day"

Date: February 12, 2013
By: Brendan Cullerton
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB303, HB304

The idea for a "Stan the Man" bridge brought up ideas for a new state holiday in a Missouri House Transportation Committee Tuesday. Statehouse reporter Brendan Cullerton has more on the new developments..
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Wrap: First a bridge--now a holiday. State lawmakers have voiced approval to name a holiday after a Cardinals legend.

"Stan Musial Day" would be on November 21, Musial's birthday.

Republican Representative Dwight Scharnhorst has filed a bill to name the new I-70 bridge after Musial, and says he is also on board with the new holiday. 

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Description: "He's one of those people that if I ever, with my two grandsons, if I ever had to leave town in an emergency, and I needed to leave them with anybody. You could leave them with Stan Musial and never have to worry."

Scharnhorst says if approved, "Stan Musial Day" would only be a state holiday.

That means nobody would get off work because on behalf of Musial.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Brendan Cullerton.

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