Lawmaker says Mo. Department of Corrections is part of larger problem
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Lawmaker says Mo. Department of Corrections is part of larger problem

Date: October 23, 2013
By: Hanna Battah
State Capitol Bureau

The Department of Correction is refusing interviews again one day after they announced a new lethal injection drug.  One state lawmaker says he's not surprised.
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Wrap: Amid the controversy surrounding an anesthetic drug, Governor Jay Nixon postponed the execution of an inmate set for Wednesday.

The Department, however, refuses to answer any questions about the matter.

Republican House Speaker Tim Jones says many Missouri departments have not been upfront the taxpayers.

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Description: There’s becoming a real atmosphere of closure, of non transparency, non cooperation, of obfuscation by Governor Nixon’s administration. This is just one of the latest examples. I find all of it very troubling.

The department says the November 20th execution of inmate Joseph Franklin will go as planned.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Hanna Battah.

Missouri's Department of Corrections announced they have found a new lethal injection drug, but a state lawmaker says he wants answers. 
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Wrap: The Missouri Department of Corrections will not answer questions about a new date for an execution originally set for Wednesday.

Republican House Speaker Tim Jones says he feels too much information is left in the dark.

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Description: The buck always stops at the top and the Governor is the chief executive of the state….If protocol and procedures are not being followed, then it’s the Governor who needs to attend to those details.

Calls to Governor Nixon's office regarding inmate Allen Nicklasson's execution date were not immediately returned.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Hanna Battah.

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