Tax overhaul bill sparks lengthy debate in House
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Tax overhaul bill sparks lengthy debate in House

Date: April 2, 2013
By: Brendan Cullerton
State Capitol Bureau
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After a tax overhaul bill passed the Senate floor in 5 hours, a state Representative says to expect the bill's progress to slow down in the House Ways and Means Committee.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Will Kraus's bill would cut the income tax for residents and businesses by three-fourths of a percent and raise the sales tax by one half of a cent over the next five years.

Republican Representative Kevin Engler says he does not think the Senate gave the measure enough thought before passing it.

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Description: "I talked to three Senators and I asked what do it do, and all of them said I'm not sure, but I'm sure you guys will fix it."

Opponents say the proposed tax shift would hurt seniors and families.

Kraus says the measure is necessary to keep businesses in Missouri.

Legislative staff estimated that the bill would either cost the state over 243 million dollars or over 430 million dollars.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Brendan Cullerton.

A tax overhaul bill that has passed the Senate sparked debate in the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday.
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Wrap: The measure would reduce the income tax rate by three-fourths a percent for residents and businesses but raise the sales tax by one-half of a cent.

Opponents of the bill say it follows recent income tax rate deductions in Kansas that they deem irresponsible. 

St. Louis Representative Rory Ellinger says following Kansas is the wrong way to go.

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Description: "Kansas may be facing bankruptcy because of the cuts that have been made. There going to have to close junior colleges. You think that's good?"

Bill sponsor Republican Will Kraus says the Kansas cuts were more drastic, and Missouri needs to keep up with Kansas or businesses will jump the border.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Brendan Cullerton.

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