Missouri makes history in veto session
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Missouri makes history in veto session

Date: September 12, 2013
By: Shannon O'Brien
State Capitol Bureau
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High numbers of successful controversial overrides make it into Missouri history.
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Wrap: Missouri lawmakers came close to breaking a record with 10 veto overrides Wednesday.

However, the bills overridden were not among the high profile and more important bills that had Missouri stirring the past couple of weeks.

Marc Powers, minority caucus communications director, referred to the supermajority overrides as relatively minor.

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Description: "They weren't able to override on the issues that mattered to them, so they just tried to jam through as many veto overrides on lessor, mostly insignificant bills so that they could run up the total and say ha we overrode the governor ten times."


Marvin Overby, political science professor at the University of Missouri says Republicans probably planned to go after the lower profile vetoted bills.

He says the historic aspect of the veto session is the governor losing ten overrides, not the specific overrides he lost.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Shannon O'Brien.

Missouri leaders fight for the spotlight on veto session victory.
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Wrap: The veto session on Wednesday was only two overrides shy of beating the record number of overrides in Missouri history.

Marvin Overby, professor of political science at the University of Missouri says that Gov. Jay Nixon's success on the gun and tax bills will resonate with the public longer than the ten bills Nixon failed to veto.

Marc Powers, minority caucus communications director addresses how future veto sessions could be more successful when attempting to override important vetoed bills.

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Description: "Republicans were unable to hold their own members together on those. I think the more reasonable members perhaps will assert themselves more next year and we won’t get to this position.”

Overby says both sides will and are claiming victory over the veto session.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Shannon O'Brien.

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