Mo. Revenue Department feels pressue of potential budget shut down
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Mo. Revenue Department feels pressue of potential budget shut down

Date: April 10, 2013
By: Christine Roto
State Capitol Bureau

Missouri lawmakers fired off questions at the Revenue Department about why birth certificates and other documentations are now required for a license.
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Wrap: Republican Columbia Senator Kurt Schaefer says that the Department should have informed the public that more personal documentation would be required at the DMV.

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Description: "I'll tell you right now, your budget for the DMV right now is at"
Schaefer presented a letter sent from the Revenue Department to the Department of Homeland Security with a checklist that shows Missouri complying with the federal REAL ID Act.
Missouri law provides that the state cannot share it's citizens information with federal agencies.

But the Revenue Department director Brian Long says the letter meant show that Missouri's system is comparable to the Act, not complying with it.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Christine Roto.

Missouri lawmakers urge the state auditor to look into the Revenue Departments demand for Missourians private information.
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Wrap: The request came through a letter from lawmakers Tuesday night, urging the auditor to look into the department because of their refusal to answer questions about the collection of personal information.

The department says the recent changes to the process of getting a license in Missouri require birth certificates, social security cards and other personal information be scanned into a database to prevent fraud.

Republican Senator Dan Brown urged the department to be aware of the dangers of having the information.

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Description: "Whatever we can do in Missouri, and what we keep in Missouri, I want to keep in Missouri. Because I do know this: once you're in the system, you're always in the system."

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Christine Roto.

With national gun debates heating up, state lawmakers question why the Missouri Revenue Department need citizens information on permits for carrying a concealed weapon.
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Wrap: Lawmakers continue to charge the department of keeping a state database of Missourians private information, including birth certificates and facial images.

The issue arose because Missouri DMV's recently started scanning the information into a database when Missourians apply for a license.

Among many concerns over the issue, lawmakers say they can't make sense of why the department would need to keep information on Missourians licenses that are endorsed with the right to carrying a concealed weapon, also known as CCW.

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Description: "The CCW license, I'll say this right now, I almost think that's a no brainer,I think you guys can fix this tomorrow if you wanted to, as far as scanning the documents and what not, and I think you should."

But when Republican Senator Kurt Schaefer asked the director of the department to make a commitment to the committee to do away with the CCW compliance, the director said he couldn't make that promise.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Christine Roto.

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