The House passed a bill changing the standards for firing teachers.
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The House passed a bill changing the standards for firing teachers.

Date: May 3, 2012
By: Ashley Hartman
State Capitol Bureau

Teacher tenure would no longer the deciding factor for firing teachers.
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Wrap: This bill broadens the criteria for effective teacher performance.  The bill also removes the requirement that would lay off teachers without tenure before teachers with seniority.

Marshall Democratic Representative Joe Aull, a former school teacher, spoke out against the bill saying the law already allows schools to get rid of teachers with tenure.

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Description: "If administrators in school districts aren't getting rid of teachers that aren't doing the job, then that's the fault of the administration. The vehicle is in place. It's just not getting done."

Springfield Democratic Representative Sara Lampe supports the bill and says if anyone knows anything about teaching, they know experience matters. 

After over ten minutes of voting, the bill passed. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

With failing public school districts around Missouri, the House passed a bill that supporters say would promote better education.
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Wrap: The Missouri House passed a bill that would change the requirements for firing teachers. 

With many unaccredited school districts in the St. Louis City area, this bill is part of a plan to improve public education. 

Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones speaks on the importance of the quality of teachers as opposed to just seniority. 

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Description: "This is about rewarding and accelerating and accelerating and exulting those great teachers."

Representatives debated the legislation on the floor for over forty minutes and after about twelve minutes, the bill was passed.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Ashley Hartman. 

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