Republicans react to governor's support of Medicaid expansion
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Republicans react to governor's support of Medicaid expansion

Date: November 29, 2012
By: Christine Roto
State Capitol Bureau


Governor Jay Nixon is showing support for a Medicaid expansion while Republican legislators oppose the move.
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Wrap: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced Thursday he is supporting an expansion of Medicaid rolls.

Republican Senator Rob Schaaf says he does not think the legislation would pass.

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Description: "I don't believe that there's the will among the Republican legislators to pass a Medicaid expansion."

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder said the expansion will not happen because it is unaffordable, unworkable and designed to fail.

However, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce says they are endorsing the Medicaid expansion.

Reporting from the Capitol, I'm Christine Roto.


As Governor Nixon travels the state for further support of the Medicaid expansion, opposition quickly arises among Republican legislators.
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Wrap: The governor said Thursday morning he supports the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri.

Republican legislators such as Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and Senator Rob Schaaf say they oppose the expansion.

Republican Speaker of the House Tom Dempsey, the only physician in the Missouri House, says he does not think the federal government would be a very good partner to make a long term commitment with.

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Description: "Certainly they're promising a lot, but I have serious questions in their ability to deliver. And that an ever-expansive federal government isn't in the best interest of Missourians."

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce, however, say they are endorsing the Medicaid expansion

Reporting from the Capitol, I'm Christine Roto.

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