Dog lovers protest possible repeal of prop B
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Dog lovers protest possible repeal of prop B

Date: March 16, 2011
By: Megan McGinnis
State Capitol Bureau

Protesters took to the state Capitol Wednesday, to defend the rights of man's best friend.
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Protester Betty Iverson says the puppy her family adopted from a dog breeder has medical problems due to the inhumane conditions of the breeding facility.  Now she says she wants to protect other animals from the same fate.

She came to the Capitol to protest legislation which would repeal some provisions of prop B.

Senator Mike Parson is the sponsor of the bill.  He says the bill does not repeal prop B.  In fact he says it improves it by enforcing stricter regulation on unlicensed breeders. 

Protester Susan Tolliver says she is embarrassed by Missouri's association with dog breeders, which have been chronicled on national television programs.

The protesters hope to encourage lawmakers to vote against the bill.

From the state Capitol, I'm Megan McGinnis.


Protesters walked the halls of the Capitol, to defend the choice Missouri voters made last November when they approved Proposition B.
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Wrap: The bill to repeal parts of Proposition B was given first round approval by the Senate last week, a decision some Missouri dog lovers don't agree with.

The protesters say the bill would give power back to the dog breeders.  Sponsor of the bill Senator Mike Parson says the protesters do not fully understand what his bill does.

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Description: I don't agree with them. I think they're trying to say things that are really not true. They are going around saying we are trying to repeal the bill and that's their mindset that's fine, but I don't think my intent was ever to repeal proposition B.

Parson says his bill improves on prop B, by strengthening laws against unlicensed breeders.

Protester Susan Tolliver says she is embarrassed by the state of Missouri's association with puppy mills.

From the state Capitol, I'm Megan McGinnis.

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