Minimum wage takes another step after Republican push
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Minimum wage takes another step after Republican push

Date: March 1, 2011
By: Kacie Yearout
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HCS HB 61 and the roll call

In a highly partisan vote, the House gave first round approval to capping the minimum wage.
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Wrap: Under a voter approved bill, cost-of-living determines the the minimum wage in Missouri. The bill would limit Missouri minimum wage to the federal minimum wage, which is currently at 7.25 an hour.

Seventy-six percent of Missourians voted to raise the minimum wage in 2006. If the bill passes, it will repeal that proposition. St. Louis County Representative Penny Hubbard says that it takes the decision away from Missouri voters.

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Description: "To vote with billion dollar corporations, because they say they can't afford to pay minimum wage...I think this body has lost it's direction."

The bill is meant to boost the economy and help small businesses.Opponents claim it hurts those living below the poverty line.

It faces one more vote in the House before moving on to the Senate.  

Missouri's House voted to overturn a Missourian-approved minimum wage bill.
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Wrap: The new bill will limit the state minimum wage at or below the federal minimum wage. In 2006, 76 percent of Missouri voters said they wanted to raise the minimum wage.

Supporters say limiting the capping the minimum wage would create jobs and increase small business profit.

Small business-owner and Lewis County Representative Craig Redmon says a high minimum wage creates a burden for owners and workers.

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Description: "You actaully make us go back and try to decide whom's not going to get the hours, who's not going to get the paycheck, and who's not going to be able to go out there and spend that on other items.

Opponents say the bill will hurt the poorest Missourians.

The bill needs one more vote in the House, and then will move on to the Senate.  

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