Parents of disabled patients at state-run habilitation centers voice their opinions at the Capitol against plan to
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Parents of disabled patients at state-run habilitation centers voice their opinions at the Capitol against plan to

Date: February 15, 2011
By: Andrew Weil
State Capitol Bureau

A couple dozen relatives and advocates of developmentally disabled patients came to the Capital to protest.
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Wrap:  Parents of Missourians living in state-run institutions say a plan to close habilitation centers breaks the recommendations of a 2006 Mental Health Task Force.

The report that year said no habilitation center should be closed as long as it's needed.

Kristal Lindstrom is secretary and treasurer of the Nevada Parents Support Association.

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Description: "I want to make it clear that all individuals with developmental disabilities should have true choices in their services."
Lindstrom says families shouldn't have to worry about their loved ones being forced out of the only care that works for them.
Some in the mental health field have argued that community-based care is cheaper and more effective.
State Capital, I'm Andrew Weil.

Parents of developmentally disabled patients in Missouri's state-run habilitation centers speak up to say they not lawmakers are experts on what care is right for loved ones.
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Wrap: Parents of Missourian's living in state-run institutions say they are alarmed with a plan to move patients into local communities.

Mary Vitale is President of the Bellefontaine Habilitation Center Parents Association.

She spoke emotionally against the proposal during a news conference.

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Description: "Senate Bill 56 is truly like pulling the plug on the life-support needed by these residents, over the objections of loving families."

The bill is sponsored by St. Charles Republican Senator Scott Rupp.

It requires the state to plan for a transition by 2018. 

Rupp says state-run institutions will close in a few years because of dwindling numbers but this bill allows time to plan for the transition. 

State Capital, I'm Andrew Weil.


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