Missouri's House approves six bills to extend gun rights.
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Missouri's House approves six bills to extend gun rights.

Date: March 17, 2011
By: Helena Kooi
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HCS HB 294 and the rollcall.

Missouri's House voted Thursday to add the right to carry concealed weapons to the things Missourians can do when they turn 21.
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Wrap: The House bill would lower the legal age to carry a concealed firearm from 23 to 21.

The bill is one of six passed in the House that expands Second Amendment rights for Missourians.

St. Louis County Democrat Jill Schupp opposes legislation that puts more guns in the public's hands.

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Description: "Why we think 21 year olds should not be able to serve on the board of curators and yet, we think it is okay for them to carry a gun with them makes no sense to me."

The bill now moves to the Senate.

It would be the first change in Missouri's concealed-carry law since the state began issuing permits six years ago.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Helena Kooi.

Missouri's House passed a bill Thursday to allow more workers to pack heat in the state Capitol.
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Wrap: The bill allows legislative staff members to carry concealed firearms in the statehouse.

Elected officials already have this right.

Callaway County Republican Representative Jeannie Riddle sponsored the bill.

She says staff members should have the same rights as the lawmakers they work for.

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Description: "This bill deals with law abiding citizens to protect their God-given, constitution-guaranteed right."

The Capitol has no security in place to enforce any type of weapons ban.

It's one of six gun bills the House passed.

Representatives also approved a plan to lower the conceal-and-carry age from 23 to 21.

From the state Capitol, I'm Helena Kooi.

Pro-gun sentiments surrounded Missouri's House as they passed six bills relaxing regulations on firearms.
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Wrap: Lawmakers approved a package of gun bills after more than an hour of debate.

Most of the debate focused on a plan to lower the legal age to carry a concealed weapon from 23 to 21.

Cass County Republican Representative Rick Brattin says it's important to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Missourians.

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Description: "It is our responsibility as legislators to make sure that the people have that right and the ability to access arms."

Another part of the package would allow non-elected staff members to carry concealed weapons in the state Capitol.

From Jefferson City, I'm Helena Kooi.