Liquor law change for Valentine's Day gets the go ahead
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Liquor law change for Valentine's Day gets the go ahead

Date: January 25, 2010
By: Emily Coleman
State Capitol Bureau
HB 1542

JEFFERSON CITY - A bill that would put Valentine's Day on the same level as Super Bowl Sunday for liquor laws is one of the first bills headed for debate by the Missouri House this legislative session.

Valentine's Day this year falls on a Sunday, which would mean, if the bill isn't passed, bars and restaurants without a Sunday permit but with a regular liquor permit could not sell liquor.

"Honestly, if Super Bowl Sunday is good enough to be given special treatment in Missouri law, then I think Valentine's Day probably belongs there too," Rep. Jake Zimmerman, D-St. Louis County, said. "And I think my girlfriend might be displeased with me if I suggested otherwise."

The bill passed out of the House Rules Committee Monday afternoon with a 9-2 vote.

Rep. Larry Wilson, R-Flemington, was one of the two no votes even though he said he doesn't have anything against the bill.

"Morally I just felt I couldn't vote for the bill," he said. "That's the real reason, the only reason."

When heard in the House Tourism Committee, proponents for the bill said many small businesses cannot afford the Sunday liquor license and lose out on substantial business when holidays fall on Sundays.

Other days that are exempt from Sunday liquor laws include New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, St. Patrick's Day, July 4, and the Sundays prior to Memorial Day and Labor Day.


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