Senate Committee Debates Missouri Minimum Wage
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Senate Committee Debates Missouri Minimum Wage

Date: February 16, 2010
By: Alexandra Smoldt
State Capitol Bureau

SB 875; SB 889

Intro:  Hourly wage workers flooded to the capitol building Wednesday in response to lawmakers proposing to decrease the minimum wage.
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Wrap: Two proposed bills would decrease the minimum wage for workers under age 20 and also require the Missouri minimum wage to always be equal to or less than the federal rate.

Supporters hope that decreasing the minimum wage will create jobs, specifically for Missouri's young workers.  

Bradley Harmon with the labor union, Communications Workers of America, expressed his concern about the bills.

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Description: "There are a lot of low income people who are under the age of twenty and who are currently receiving food stamps or other state assistance. As their income decreases because this bill passes, it is quite likely that the state has to pay out more."

Opponents said the displacement of older workers is a another big concern, which the bill doesn't directly address.

Reporting from the State Capitol , I'm Alex Smoldt.

Intro:  If you're younger than 20, you could be paid a lower minimum wage. That's the proposal the Senate Small Business Committee heard Tuesday.
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Wrap: Supporters and opponents packed a committee hearing to discuss lowering the minimum wage for people less than 20 years old.

Union members voiced concern about displacement of older workers and hardship for youth who depend on their hourly wages.

Advocates like Republican Senator, Jason Crowell of Cape Girardeau see promise in lowering the minimum wage.

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Description: "Statistics clearly show if you want a higher unemployment rate, make your state minimum wage higher than the national minimum wage."

Crowell also said lowering the minimum wage for some Missourians goes along with the governor's goals for job growth.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Alex Smoldt.

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