New MODOT director faces lawmakers' questions
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New MODOT director faces lawmakers' questions

Date: November 4, 2010
By: Molly Boland
State Capitol Bureau

MoDOT's new director defends the department's decision to cut back on snow removal. Molly Boland has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: Incoming MoDOT director Kevin Keith says the department will cut back on services such as snow removal.

It's putting the savings toward minor state roads in need.

Keith says his plans are not to remove less snow, but to figure out how to do the best job at the lowest cost.


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Description: "When it snows that day, there's nothing more important MODOT does than remove snow. But the next day I might as well of piled whatever money we spent up and set fire to it because it builds nothing long term."

Keith's words concearned some lawmakers on the House Transportation Committee.

One lawmaker says his phone will be ringing off the hook when less snow remal occurs because Missourians have been spoiled for years.

From the State capitol, I'm Molly Boland.

MODOT's new director says raising the gas tax is not the answer to Missouri's transportation funding problems.
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Wrap: The new MoDOT director Kevin Keith faced lawmakers at the capitol Thursday to talk about the department's underfunding.  

Earlier, while talking to reporters, Keith said gas taxes won't be a reliable source of revenue in the future.  

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Description: "I think we probably need to look really hard at diversifying the way we fund transportation in this country which porbably means getting off as much dependence as we have on fuel tax."

Members of the House transportation committee praised Keith for MODOT's successful projects including I-64 in St. Louis.

But the committee said Missourians might disapprove of budget cuts such as snow removal.

From the State capitol, I'm Molly Boland.

MoDOT's new director says tought budget times won't stop the department from completing projects.
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Wrap: New MoDOT director Kevin Keith says the department's budget is getting cut by more than half.

But Keith also says MoDOT will finish all of the projects set for the next 5 years.

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Description: "We're not broke, we still have resources to work with, the trick is gonna be how do we get the most bang out of the resources we have."

Keith told Missouri lawmakers just what MoDOT would be cutting.

Highway mowing and snow removal are among the cuts.

It's all in an effort to put the savings toward repairing minor state roads in need.

From the State capitol, I'm Molly Boland.

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