Ethics reform at top of agenda for Senate leadership
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Ethics reform at top of agenda for Senate leadership

Date: January 6, 2010
By: Emily Coleman
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  As four former legislators move through the criminal justice system, Senate leadership has put ethics as one of the priority for this legislative session. Emily Coleman has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: As the General Assembly convened, a former legislator was sentenced to a year and a half and a former House Speaker faced federal assault charges. 

Ethics reform legislation from previous years has been struck done by the Supreme Court, but President Pro Tem Charlie Shields of St. Joseph said he thinks they can come up with a bill that doesn't violate speech rights.

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Description: The Supreme Court struck us down on that and just for that argument that you're violating First Amendment rights. So this is going to be a little tricky to get done and maintain the constitutionality, but that's where we're headed to.

Republican Charlie Shields is only one of many to submit a bill to limit campaign contributions.

From the Capitol, I'm Emily Coleman.


Intro:  With revenue estimates not looking positive, Senate leadership, Democrat and Republican, has placed a priority on education funding. Emily Coleman has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: Despite legislators saying belts will have to be tightened for this session's budget, both Democrats and Republican say education needs to stay a priority.

Democratic Senate Leader Victor Callahan of Jackson County said funding education will ensure the quality of future economies.

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Description: "Job starts to the economy will get the economic car started, but ensuring adequate education for our children will keep it going."

President Pro Tem Charlie Shields, a Republican from St. Joseph, agreed with Callahan, saying an educated workforce is needed to move Missouri forward.

From the Capitol, I'm Emily Coleman.


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