Bill nearly unscathed.
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Bill nearly unscathed.

Date: April 29, 2009
By: Christine Slusser
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 253

Intro: A bill to protect motorcyclists from police harassment passed through the House and Senate unscathed...almost.

Christine Slusser has more from Jefferson City.

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Bill sponsor O'Fallon Republican Representative Cynthia Davis says her bill would clear up confusion on a federal law regarding high and low beams on motorcycles.

Her only opponent?  Democrat Jolie Justus, a senator from Kansas City. 

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Description: "Senator Justus pulled it off the consent calendar so it had to go back through the process which was only a tactical maneuver, I don't think Senator Justus doesn't like motorcycles, I think she just didn't like other things and that bill had my name."

Justus says she voted in favor of the bill and pulling it from the consent calendar was just her way of getting back at Davis for killing one of hers.

However, she did say she thought it was a great bill for motorcycle safety.

From the state Capitol, I'm Christine Slusser.

Intro: A bill designed to hinder police from harassing motorcyclists passed through the House and Senate Tuesday and is now awaiting the Governor's John Hancock.

Christine Slusser has more from Jefferson City.

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The bill says motorcyclists may wire their bike to modulate, or flicker, either high or low beams.

The bill's sponsor is Representative Cynthia Davis, a Republican from O'Fallon.

She says this reiterates a law already in play.

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Description: "What this does is it allows the people in Missouri to not be harassed by law enforcement who aren't familiar with the federal law, all this was is a bill that mirrors federal law."

The only objection came from Senator Jolie Justus, a Democrat from Kansas City.

She says she voted in favor of the bill but pulled it from the consent calendar to get back at Davis for killing one of hers.

From the state Capitol, I'm Christine Slusser.

Intro: A bill awaiting the Governor's signature clears up a federal motorcycle law.

Christine Slusser has more from the state Capitol.

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According to the law, a motorcycle may be wired to modulate, or flicker, either its upper or lower beams.

Republican Representative Marilyn Ruestman (R-UH-ST-MAN) of Joplin co-sponsored the bill because it emphasizes safety.


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Description: "I think this just says they may have the upper beam and lower beam so I'm thinking that some do already have it and I don't know of any law that says they couldn't."

Bill sponsor Republican Representative Cynthia Davis of O'Fallon says the bill should clear up any confusion.

Davis also says some law enforcement officials are not savvy with the federal law and have wrongly pulled over motorcyclists.

From Jefferson City, I'm Christine Slusser.

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