Consumer Protection Groups Oppose AmerenUE Proposal to Allow Rate Increases
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Consumer Protection Groups Oppose AmerenUE Proposal to Allow Rate Increases

Date: February 3, 2009
By: Elizabeth Billingsley
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: The state's largest energy provider wants to build a new powerplant but faced opposition from consumer advocacy groups in the state capital Tuesday.

Elizabeth Billingsley has more from Jefferson City. 

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Current law bars AmerenUE from raising customer bills to fund construction of a new power plant while the plant is being built.

Republican Senator Delbert Scott's bill would allow the company to do just that.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare spokesman Bob Quinn says the plant's cost will fall on low-income consumers.


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Description: You can't borrow the money to build the plant from Wall Street so why not get the money from people that are this far from bankruptcy around the state of Missouri?

The proposed power plant would be the most expensive construction project in state history.

From the State Capitol, I'm Elizabeth Billingsley.

Intro: Opponents to a proposed second nuclear power plant rallied today in Jefferson City.

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AmerenUE, the state's largest energy provider wants to build Callaway II, a second powerplant in Mid-Missouri but consumer groups are not happy about it.

Republican Senator Delbert Scott's bill calls for repealing a state law which prohibits using ratepayers' money to fund a new plant during construction.

Missourians for a Balanced Energy Future spokesman Scott Charton says the construction is good news in a recession.


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Description: 4,000 jobs would be created with Callaway II.  Those are good-paying jobs, many of them are union jobs, that will be great for the economy.

Opponents say the bill unfairly transfers project risks from AmerenUE to its customers.

From the capitol, I'm Elizabeth Billingsley.

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