$700 million bond amendment passed in the House of Representatives.
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$700 million bond amendment passed in the House of Representatives.

Date: April 14, 2009
By: Chance Seales
State Capitol Bureau
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Intro: The Missouri House voted Tuesday to pass a $700 million bond amendment.

Chance Seales (SEALS) reports from the state Capitol.

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A constitutional amendment giving $700 million to Missouri colleges and universities sailed through the House without opposition.

The Missouri constitution bans state debt, so lawmakers want to sell bonds instead. 

The biggest amount, over $91 Million, would go to Missouri State University. 

Democratic Rep. Chris Kelly of Columbia sponsors the bill, and says helping universities with bipartisan support made it an easy sell.

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Description: "It's a huge, huge bill.  It puts thousands of people to work in the state of Missouri doing important work that the universities need."

The amendment still has to pass the Senate and Missouri voters before becoming final.

From Jefferson City, I'm Chance Seales.

Intro: The Missouri House votes to give UMSL more than $61 million.

Chance Seales (SEALS) reports from Jefferson City.

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State lawmakers voted to pass a constitutional amendment totaling $700 million without a single opponent.

The University of Missouri - St. Louis is slated to receive a $61 million piece of the pie for its Colleges of Optometry and Nursing.

Democratic Rep. Don Calloway represents UMSL and says this is a great way to bring in much needed cash.  

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Description: "This is a new way to raise revenue for the state in order to do things that are very necessary.  It's not just for whimsical improvements.  But these are to continue to keep our universities at a world class level.  I fully support it."      

Missouri State University would get the most money, totaling more than $91 million.

The amendment still requires approval by the Senate and Missouri voters to become final. 

From the state Capitol, I'm Chance Seales.

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