Ticket scalping legal in Missouri
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Ticket scalping legal in Missouri

Date: August 29, 2007
By: Elizabeth Ford
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: The economic development bill passed in the Senate today, which includes a provision legalizing ticket scalping.

Beth Ford has more from Jefferson City. 

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Ticket scalping can now be an above-ground practice. 

The amendment allows scalpers to resell tickets for more than face value.

Democratic Senator Maida Coleman, one of the issues'supporters, says that laws shouldn't dictate what tickets consumers can buy.

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Description: "I believe it's important that we give citizens who want to spend their money the right to say 'yes' or 'no' relative to the cost."

Republican Senator Matt Bartle sponsored the amendment, and says it was the most important part of the economic development bill for protecting the "regular guy."

Reporting from the Capitol, I'm Beth Ford.

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