House debates details on new bill for Ticket to Work program
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House debates details on new bill for Ticket to Work program

Date: February 12, 2007
By: Amy Becker
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: A group of legislators took turns adding separate amendments to a new bill about the Ticket to Work program.  But not all notions were accepted with an open mind.

Amy Becker has more from the state Capitol.

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The bill's sponsor Republican Representative Charles Portwood took a strong stance against an amendment proposed by Democrat Representative Judy Baker.

Davis's amendment will change the standard deduction for impairment related employment expenses from one half of the disabled worker's income to three fourths.

Portwood disagreed with the time the amendment was proposed, calling it fiscally irresponsible.

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Description: If it costs what I think it is, we certainly can't afford it.  We can decide on this a later day.  I urge the people on my side of the argument to vote against the amendment.

The same bill was proposed last year under the name De-Hab.

Portwood found the name to be negative toward the disabled and changed it to the Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program.

From Jefferson City, I'm Amy Becker.


Members of the Missouri House of Representatives blamed a past bill from 2005 for eliminating the Ticket to Work program.

Amy Becker has more from Jefferson City.

Democrat Representative Jeff Harris along with fellow Democrat Representative Margaret Donnelley took a trip down memory lane while debating House Bill 39 concerning the Ticket to Work Program.

Harris and Donnelley spoke of past House Bill 539 and the way it hurt the present Ticket to Work program.

Donnelley said the main problem with the past program was determining eligibility of the disabled.


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Description: We need to restore those individuals who were cut who are not able to participate in the ticket to work program, raise that percentage back up to where it was, at a hundred percent of poverty.

Donnelley says more people would be able to participate in the Ticket to Work program if the income level was back up to one hundred percent of poverty.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Amy Becker.