Blunt annouces new state immigration policies
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Blunt annouces new state immigration policies

Date: August 27, 2007
By: Brandon Smith
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Governor Blunt unveiled a new initiative for state law enforcements handling of illegal immigrants.

Brandon Smith has more from Jefferson City.

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Governor Blunt announced state law enforcement officials will be trained and deputized by the Federal Government in order to enforce Federal immigration laws.

The initiative will begin with two members of each troop, and will expand later on.

Using Immigration and Customs Enforcement checks, the immigration status of any person presented for incarceration will be verified. 


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Description: They will also conduct a full background check on any accompanying adults.  Missouri taxpayers should not be paying for the imprisonment of another country's criminals. 

Blunt encourages state law enforcement officials to implement the policies as soon as possible.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Brandon Smith.

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