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Proposed fuel gas holiday would hurt Missouri highway improvements.

August 25, 2005
By: Jade Mingus
State Capital Bureau

Democratic leaders want a two week holiday on state fuel tax.

But Jade Mingus tells us how one state department would suffer under the cuts.

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The Missouri Transportation Deptartment would lose over 16 million dollars to their budget if the fuel tax holdiay goes into effect.

Transportation Department spokesperson Jeff Briggs says if they lose that much money road improvements will suffer.


"Like all other taxpayers we are concerned about high gas prices too, but we like people to keep in mind that this state fuel tax is the biggest single source of state revenue we have to take care of roads."

Briggs says the fuel tax holiday would also affect Missouri counties and cities.

They would lose another 6.3 million dollars under the gas tax holiday.

From the state Capitol I'm Jade Mingus.


Democratic leaders want a two week, ten cent break on state fuel tax.

But Jade Mingus tells us why Missouri roads and bridges would suffer if the tax holiday goes into effect.

The Department of Transportation would lose 16.3 million dollars if Democrats have their way and get rid of the state fuel tax for two weeks.

Transportation Dept. Spokesperson Jeff Briggs says the state fuel tax is their biggest single source of revenue.


"Modot is very concerned about this proposal because it would hurt our ability to provide road and bridge improvements that we have promised to the tax payers."

Briggs says another 6.3 million dollars would be cut from city and county road improvement budgets if the gas tax holiday does go forward.

From the state capitol, I'm Jade Mingus.

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