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Thousands of Missourians will be without medical supplies after Thursday

August 30, 2005
By: Kristen Commander
State Capital Bureau

Thousands of Missourians will be without feeding tubes and wheelchair batteries after Thursday when the Medicaid cuts go into affect. Kristen Commander reports from Jefferson City how one lawsuit is trying to delay the cuts.

OutCue: SOC

The lawsuit filed against the Department of Social Services is seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent the loss of durable medical equipment such as breathing machines, feeding tube and catheters. If the order is granted, Attorney Thomas Kennedy is hopeful the deadline will change.


"It will mean the September first date is out the window. I think it will mean the state will not be allowed to implement the cuts."

Kennedy's firm is suing the state on behalf of ten public interest groups including the AARP. Kennedy says he hopes more lawsuits will be filed in an attempt to delay the cuts.

From the state capital I'm Kristen Commander.

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