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State Watching Federal Shutdown

November 14, 1995
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau

While the nation waits for a winner in the federal budget battle, Missouri State Agencies are losing money by the minute. Karen Fogg reports from the Capitol.

Richard Hanson, head of the office of Administration, oversees the budget and planning for the State. Hanson says labor and the Natinal Guard are the two major deparments that will be hit soonest and hardest. Although each agency has its own contingency plan, Hansen says they have about thirty days before drastic measures would be taken.

RunTime: 22
OutCue: " work schedules in some cases."
Contents: [241K WAV file - OA Commissoner says they may have to cut back on work schedules.]
Hanson says it's the Budget Office's job to see that State Funds are not overextended to solve this problem.

Karen Fogg, from the State Capitol.

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