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Jefferson City Rejects Riverboat Gambling

November 7, 1995
By: Candyce Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Jefferson City voted Tuesday to prohibit riverboat gambling. They went a step further to amend the city charter, so the issue won't come up again. Candyce Clifft reports from Jefferson City:

OutCue: SOC

In November 1992, Jefferson City voted for riverboat gambling.

But since then, city voters twice have voted against statewide proposals to allow slot machines on riverboats.

Then yesterday, city voters approved two separate proposals to ban riverboat gambling in the city and block the city from even getting taxes from a gambling if one is forced on the city.

Jack West is a co-organizer of Citizens Against Riverboat Gambling:

Actuality: West
RunTime: 15
OutCue: a moral issue
Contents: [155K WAV file - West says the vote was not based on morals, but on the negative impact gambling has on a community.]
West says it's time for Becker Gaming Company to head back to Las Vegas.

From the statehouse, I'm Candyce Clifft.

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